Sunday, June 15, 2008

We Love Dad's!

Well it's our first father's day away from home. Moving away is an awesome experience but the "first holidays" are always kind of tough. We sure are lucky to have been blessed to have the dads that we do. Thank you for always supporting us and helping us through our good and bad times!

I love my father-in-law Robert but I'm got to give a little shout out to my own dad. I sure love you Dad! I know you have been through some rough years lately but no matter what, your 2 biggest fans (as far as I'm concerned) are only a phone call away. I wish we were closer and I wish I could give you a father's day hug but please know how much I love you and miss you and am forever grateful for your example and friendship!

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Dan, Jen & Syd said...

How did you get your hair so cute and curly for your graduation? It is totally cute! It's just not fair for some people to be so beautiful-so knock it off! :)