Thursday, November 26, 2009


Before I get to Thanksgiving I need to catch up. I surprised my twin sister Leslie and flew her out to see us last weekend. It was kind of an early birthday present since she hasn't been out here and has always wanted to see "our neck of the woods." We had a great time and she did an awesome job documenting it so if you're interested in seeing pictures, check out her blog at

Okay, on to Thanksgiving. We were fortunate to play host and hostess for the first time this year. We just had a few friends over and it turned out great. I cooked the turkey and a brownie cake, Ryan made homemade stuffing and rolls, and our friends brought the rest (lucky huh?). The food was all delicious and the company superb.

I had fun decorating the table, my mother-in-law would be proud :)
The Chef

The jealous dogs who behaved very well in the face of a freshly roasted turkey
Happy Thanksgiving!
Besides the opportunity to enjoy yummy food and visit with friends and family, I look forward to Thanksgiving when we have the time to remember all that we are blessed with. I wanted to share a list of ten things I'm grateful for...
1- My Ryan who puts up with me, loves me, and is an excellent dad to Norris, Baby, and Jack
2- Our families who love us and stand by us no matter what
3- Our home in this free country
4- Employment...especially in Michigan
5- An education
6- My babies
7- Friends who listen and support
8- Reliable vehicles
9- Our health
10- The Gospel, which makes all the other blessings possible

This obviously is just a short list but I do realize how lucky we are and try to thank Heavenly Father every day for the countless blessings he provides. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday and were able to reflect on the things you are thankful for as well.