Friday, January 16, 2015

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014

We spent 2 weeks in Utah to share Thanksgiving with the families. We were so lucky to get the third seat on both flights which helps so much! Reagan was a champ and enjoyed snacks, her DVD player full of Curious George and Paw Patrol and had fun looking out the window. We couldn't get her to nap though until the plane landed and then the poor girl just crashed!

We spent Thanksgiving Day with our West family. It worked out perfectly because it also happened to be Uncle Fritz and cousin Adalaide's birthdays. Grandma Nancy made a wonderful meal and it was nice to be together with everyone (except Uncle Jason and Aunt Kelli and the boys who are in Texas and Aunt Nessa in Uruguay).
Watching Thanksgiving football (our Detroit lions of course). Love Reagan's touchdown arms!

We did our Allan Thanksgiving the next day which ironically enough was my and Aunt Leslie's birthday. She and I ran a 3.1 mile turkey trot the day before for our 31st birthday :)

While we were in Utah we went to the Zoo and Thanksgiving Point with the West's.

And of course Grandma and Grandpa West got plenty of precious Reagan time!
Our big business girl

1st pigtails courtesy of Grandma Nancy!

Looking at birdies with Grandma and Grandpa

Poor Reagan recovering after a sick day :(

We were able to have an extended family pre-Thanksgiving, go to Temple Square and have lots of cousin/Grammy and Grandpa time with the Allan's.

It was so nice to spend 2 whole weeks with my baby! Although there is no denying that she is a daddy's girl after this trip. She frequently calls for him if he's not with her. In fact when we were at cousin Aidan's baptism I sat in the back with her since she had been sick the day before and she called out for her dad the whole time!


We didn't get home from Utah until December 7th so we felt a little behind the game on getting our house ready for Christmas but we got the tree up and a few ornaments.
We got back just in time for our annual family picture with Santa. Surprisingly this one was one of the easiest ones yet!

We also got our family Christmas cards mailed out.

Mommy just can't resist getting your pictures taken since you are so beautiful!

We went to a tree farm where we had a little petting zoo all to ourselves. Mom was in heaven! The goats even had a little tree house we were pretty impressed with.
We also went to the zoo to see Christmas lights and a few animals that were still awake.

Mom worked Christmas Eve but was surprised by a visit from you and daddy since you were too excited to sleep! But alas, you went to bed and slept in. I was so ready for you to wake up so we could celebrate.

Santa got you just a few toys and a movie since he knew you would be spoiled by grandparents. You LOVED the toy lamp he brought but were less interested in the musical puppy (which we later exchanged for a gumball machine type toy that you love). You love your new Curious George movie. We had fun watching your learn to rip the paper and take off the bows!


Santa never forgets the doggies and kitty! Or mom and dad :)

 And no surprise, you were spoiled rotten by your grandparents and aunts and uncles! After a family nap, we had fun video chatting with them while you opened their presents. We also got to video chat with Aunt Vanessa in Uruguay. She will be home soon!

We had our big Christmas dinner the next day and shared it with the missionaries in our area. Mom had fun decorating our table and cooking!

Merry Christmas sweet Reagan! We love you SO much!