Saturday, October 25, 2014

11 Months


Height: We'll find out next month!
Weight:          "                "
Head:             "                "

*We started your 11 months off by taking you to the eye doctor. It was just preventative and you did so good for the doctor! She agrees that your eyes are just perfect :)

*Mommy loves parades (which I think comes from your great grandma Ann who you are named after who loved all things holiday) so we took you to the MSU homecoming parade. You seemed to enjoy watching all the people and the marching bands.

*We took family pictures to celebrate your upcoming 1st birthday. You are so beautiful!

*You've started pulling yourself up to standing in your crib and at your gate. I'm sure you'll be walking in no time!

*You sure do love your sippy cups! You are still eating and nursing well. You have oatmeal cereal made with breast milk that mommy pumps at work for you for breakfast along with toast and fruit (mandarin oranges are your favorite). You will eat pretty much any baby foods for lunch and dinner. Lil crunchies (baby cheetos) and graham crackers are your favorite snacks. We've let you start trying table food with us and you love that too!

*As we watched General Conference together I was reminded of this time last year when I was pregnant with you. We had the doggies friend Fox staying with us and sharing the cuddles. This year you enjoyed singing along with the choir.

*Daddy and I have loved watching you learn and grow. It was so cute to see you pick up your hairbrush and try to brush your hair and pick up a headband and try to put it on your head. So fun to watch you figure out how things work!

*Dad had a career workshop near the temple for a few days so we tagged along and got to stay in a hotel and play together.

We went to breakfast together,
 walked the mall a few times,
went to Ikea,
 had fun crawling all over the hotel room,        
and enjoyed a nature center and nice fall walk outside at a park.

*Daddy and I took you to your first movie. We saw Meet the Mormons and we had the theater all to ourselves! It was perfect for your first time and you were such a good girl. You sat on our laps and watched the whole time. It was a very good movie and made us feel very grateful for the Gospel and our family!

*You've started clapping and playing peek-a-boo. You love to mimic us!

You and your little DVD player :)

So big we've had to start looking at new car seats!

Cutest little shopper I ever did see!

Baby loves you so much she sneaks in your nursery any chance she gets!
Daddy snuggles