Sunday, August 31, 2014

9 Months


Height: 28 3/4 inches (81%)
Weight: 21 lb 3 oz (82% which is up from 41% at your 6 month weight!)
Head: 46.5 cm (96%)
Hemaglobin: 11.2

* What a growth spurt you've had over the last 3 months since your last appointment! You grew almost 3 inches and almost 6 pounds in 3 months! Dr Loznak was very pleased and continues to say you are just perfect :)

*For your 9 month birthday daddy and I gave you puffs for the first time. You weren't quite sure what to do and we think you like to play with them more than eat them silly girl. However you LOVE rice husks (basically a puff stick)!

*You had all 4 top teeth come through at the same time this month and you handled it like a champ!

*You continue to pay attention to the animals and lately you just love our kitty Jack. You make a funny screeching noise when you see him. He is surprisingly patient with you as you "pet" him.

*You've been practicing standing up while holding onto things. Such a big girl!

*You continue to crawl backwards but not forward.

*You are getting good at waving!

*You love watching Paw Patrol and now have all of us singing the theme song :)

*We frequently catch you with your feet crossed just like a lady. It's the cutest thing!

 Dad and I could snuggle you all day!

*You took your 3rd plane ride when we spent 2 weeks in Utah for Uncle Tyler and Aunt Hilary's wedding.
All geared up for your flight. You're so fancy!
You did great on the flights and especially loved looking at the people behind you.

We had so much fun with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas, and grandpas who were all SO excited to see you, snuggle you, and play with you. Your cousins especially absolutely adored you!
You are one popular girl!

Snuggling with Uncle Tyler, your cousins, and Grammy and Grandpa Allan


We even did a princess run with Aunt Leslie, Mckayla, Katie, and Ella while we were there!

Meeting Uncle Joseph and Aunt Bianca and playing with your cousins and Grandma and Grandpa West.

While we were in Utah we visited the Jordan River Temple for Aunt Hilary's endowment. This was the first time that Grandpa had been with us in the temple since we were sealed as a family when I was little so it was an extra special day!

Then came Uncle Tyler and Aunt Hilary's big day!
Since I've used this blog as a journal I wanted to share with you a few special things from the day.  While daddy and I were sitting in the sealing room he whispered to me "I bet your grandparents (who have passed away) are here today." I smiled and told him that I was sure that Grandma Ann was helping keep an eye on you and humming to you.
The sealer told Tyler and Hilary that "today is the beginning of your kingdom together." I enjoyed hearing that and am grateful that daddy and I started our kingdom together 9 years ago in the very same temple.
After the sealing as we were walking down the stairs I asked Aunt Leslie if Grandpa Ron had been a witness at her wedding as he had at ours. She said yes and then we immediately turned and saw an elderly man in his temple clothes who looked just like Grandpa Ron! It took our breath away! I guess daddy was right about our family being in the temple with us that day :) The temple is a special place sweetie and we love it very much and we look forward to the day that we take you there for the first time.
Uncle Timmy watched you during the sealing. When we came to get you we found a big stinky surprise all over your dress! We don't know what it is with you and having accidents in your biggest, prettiest dresses...Aunt Leslie and I had a heck of a time cleaning you up in the temple bathroom!
But all we could do was laugh. At least you were full of smiles afterwards :)

Tyler and Hilary had a luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building after their sealing and it brought back memories from the luncheon daddy and I had there before our wedding. I found some pictures from both days that were surprisingly similar! 
Although we were in different rooms, it turns out that our family sat at the same table at both events.

 That's Mckayla and me looking at the temple before my wedding and now I'm holding you!

 Miss Reagan your 9th month and every month have gone by too quickly! This has been such a fun age and we love seeing you grow and develop but we want you to stay little forever! 
We love you so much sweetheart!

Friday, August 1, 2014

8 Months


Height: ?
Weight: ?
Head: ?

*We celebrated your 8 month birthday on Mackinaw Island with Grandma and Grandpa West. You fell asleep on the ferry, we rode bikes and even had a little cart for you, ate way too much sugar, and took you swimming in the hotel pool so you could show off your skills :)

It was no fun when Grandma and Grandpa had to go home but we are excited to see them again soon!
(I love this picture of you and Grandpa because you were trying your best to use those pretty eyes of yours to con Grandpa out of a cookie. You must know it works for Aunt Nessa!)

*You've been much more vocal and have started clicking your tongue on the roof of your mouth and sucking on your upper lip. We've heard lots of babbling and and even "dadadada" which may just be daddy...we're not sure yet.

*At 8 months and 5 days I felt your first tooth break through when you were chewing on my finger! It is your front right bottom tooth. About a week later we saw the tooth next to it come through. This means lots of drooling and chewing!

*You've figured out how to crawl/scoot yourself backward. One day I put you on your tummy on the floor of your nursery so I could get ready for work and a few minutes later I found you halfway under your crib!

*You are still pretty distracted to nurse most times except first thing in the morning but we are still going and plan to as long as you will. You've done great with cereal, fruits, vegis, and now meats.

*We celebrated your first 4th of July by taking you to the Lansing city parade and swimming in your backyard pool which you loved! We had every intention on taking you to see fireworks but you fell asleep and poor Norris needed us home anyway.

I of course had plenty of pretty outfits for you to celebrate the holiday in :)

*We had another photo shoot done. You are just too cute not too!

*Reagan Ann you have stolen our hearts and you are such a cute, sweet baby! We just love spending time with you and seeing your many faces and watching you grow!

Daddy and I are so grateful that we will be a family together forever! We love you more than you will ever know!