Saturday, March 19, 2011


I hate when I get behind on blogging because it begins to feel like a chore. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad when I do it because it's a great way to journal but it seems to take forever sometimes! So without further ado, let me catch you up on the last few months.

Ryan said goodbye to his 20's and turned the big 30 on January 19th. The babies and I were prepared with cake! Later we celebrated with fun cupcakes and another cake. Yes there really are 30 candles on that cake

Norris finally had his knee surgery in February.
He was such a champ! He shouldn't have been even toe touching for a few weeks but was fully walking day 1! I would have rather him given the leg a rest but like the vet said, what were we gonna do to stop him? He spent 2 days in the doggie hospital then we brought him home and babied him. The was the scene for the first week...

We've slowly been increasing his walks and he continues to do so well which makes me feel better about going through with the surgery.

We had to be in Detroit a few weeks ago for a meeting because...we were called to work in the Detroit temple! It's a new opportunity that hopefully will provide some direction and guidance as we serve the saints here in Michigan. Since we had already made the drive down, we decided to catch the Pistons/Jazz game at the Palace. Ryan was sure that he was going to find us an awesome deal on scalped tickets (which I'm pretty sure is illegal)...and against my better judgement, close to an hour later he managed to. Not bad seats for last minute planning!

We enjoyed seeing some old school Jazz stars. There's Harpring and Bolerjack
and Jeff Hornacek who we were thrilled to see coaching!
I used to work with Harpring's wife Amanda at St. Marks back in Salt Lake so we stopped and chatted with him for a minute.

Well folks, I believe that about catches us up. Hope you are all doing well and looking forward to spring as much as I am!