Friday, January 15, 2010

Norris's 3rd Birthday

Well I can't believe it but my big boy Norris turned 3 today! We love our big guy so much and are so grateful for him. For his special day we took him to the dog park which was cut short by his sister being very naughty and barking at other dogs. Then he got his birthday cupcakes (minus frosting), we sang to him in his birthday hat and gave him his new squeaky toy.

Can you believe that this darling little puppy who stole his dad's heart ultimately got us evicted 3 months before moving to Michigan? So worth it though :)
Bringing him home 2007

1st Birthday 2008

2nd Birthday 2009

3rd Birthday 2010
Love you Norris Boy!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009...finally

All right, after much time and effort (really not that much, it just feels like it) I present to you our Christmas post

So before we went home we had our annual picture with Santa taken,
decorated the tree and tried to keep it that way despite Jack's objections,
and attended the work party.

Oh the price we pay for beauty...

Then it was time to migrate back west to our families. We were greeted by this fine looking Mastiff at the Salt Lake airport

The next day we had my family party. We always did these at my Grandma and Grandpa's house but after she passed away my Grandpa wasn't up for it so we hosted it and let him sit back and enjoy it. We didn't have the best turn out but for those that were there, we had a great time!
Son's and daughter-in-law's
Grandkids and spouses
We brought a little tree that the family could help decorate and take to Grandma's grave but midway through the party we looked over and found my Grandpa decorating it himself. It was certainly a tough but tender moment to see. I went over to help him and he said "you know, Grandma will really like this. I go to the cemetery every few days and we talk, I'm sure she hears me too." Talk about a tear jerker! He ended up keeping the tree at his house so no one would take it :)

Later in the week we did a tree for my other Grandma and Ryan, my mom and I took it up to her. I hate that we have to go to a cemetery and not her house but I'm glad we could still bring Christmas to her.

While we were out, Ryan, his brother, sister, and Dad took a road trip to the Las Vegas Bowl to see BYU play. We are still red blooded Ute fans but this was part of his Dad's Christmas gift so he was a good sport to at least wear a blue jacket...with his red Utah hat :)

We spend Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning with Ryan's family. We had 3 new nephews to buy for so that was fun.

Gotta love the fancy nancy purse and "special" skiing helmets :)
Ready...set......Open! Apparently the marshmellow guns were a good choice :)

Next we headed up to my parents for Christmas dinner. And yes that is a blowtorch browning the turkey :)
Present time!
My Dad as the official gift sorter

Our niece Katie ADORED this baby doll my parents gave her
My brother and his cute and oh so nice friend DeeDee
The next day we met up with our good friends the Tanner's. We were in the same ward and I worked with him here in the ER but sadly he finished his residency last summer and they moved back to Utah. We sure miss them but it was great to get together againThen we drove down Provo canyon and enjoyed the mountain scenery that seems to be non-existent in Michigan.

If you remember my post about last Christmas, Ryan and I had stopped by the cemetery and hung a red ordament from the tree above my Grandma's grave in honor of her red tree. Well this year was no exception so we headed back and were surprised to see that last year's ribbon was still there. Only problem was we didn't have the step stool we used last year so we got creative and I hopped on Ryan's shoulders to tie the new ordament onto the old ribbon. It was quite the site and I'm sure my Grandma got a laugh out of it.

We met my parents and brother and took my sweet Grandpa (who I can't believe is my only grandparent left) to lunch at his and my favorite place...Chuck-a-rama!
Isn't he the cutest Grandpa ever?!
We spent our last day with Ryan's family. We celebrated Gracie's birthday and enjoyed a yummy dinner.

It was great to go home and spend the holiday with our family. A much needed break from school and work. We missed our babies terribly and it was awesome to finally get home after 10 days, a 4 hour flight, and 2 hour bus ride to 3 excited kids. We gave them their Christmas treats when we got home and they savored them for a good couple days before shredding them.
We hope that all of you had a great Christmas as well! We're sorry we couldn't get together with everyone this time but will be back next summer and will look forward to it then. Here's to a healthy and happy 2010!!