Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Camping, Cat and Class

Time to catch up...again! So a few weeks ago we finally took our one and only family camping trip this year. We tried a new place 2 hours north called Mud Lake State Forest Campground. It was great!

There were only 8 sites in a loop, right on a lake, very nice outhouses with NO smell, and quiet!

However, with lakes come snakes! I ran into this guy while I was looking at the water!

We didn't bring the doggies but they would have loved it.

We went on a little hike nature walk but couldn't find the rest of the trail so walked back to camp on a dirt road :)

We did catch this pretty view on the way back to the campground though.

This is one thing I love about Michigan, the GREEN!

The next morning I of course got up early and walked down to the lake and just stood there taking in the quiet and staring at all this fog. It was beautiful and creepy all at the same time!

I haven't said much about Jack lately so I thought I would include a current picture.

This is what he does for a good portion of his day during the warm weather. Either stalks/pretends to hide in the grass, sunbathes on the porch, or sleeps in the wood chips we layed in the flower beds. His killing spree hasn't been too bad this year, thank goodness for that!

And last of all... Thanks to being unpredictable outside our house (lunging, snarling, mean barking) Miss Baby has earned herself a spot in Naughty Dog School. Her 1st class was tonight. She did pretty good!

Don't be fooled. She may appear to be laughing at my attempt to train her but she will not win this battle!