Friday, September 26, 2014

10 Months


Height: too tall for your pants!
Weight: nice and squishy :)
Head: full of pretty hair!

*We spent the first few days of your 10th month finishing up our trip in Utah. We got the back row all to ourselves on our flight home so you got your own seat and once again were a great traveler for us!

*I saw you crawl forward for the first time while we were in Young Women's at church! Now you're unstoppable and mom and dad are doing some speed baby proofing!

*We've enjoyed watching you enjoy your new found freedom of crawling. You like to pull all the books off your bookshelf and go through your drawers and wardrobe.
One day I left you playing in your nursery for less than a minute and came back to find you had crawled to the door, reached through the gate and got a hold of Baby's rawhide bone and were chewing on it! I couldn't help but laugh :)

*You are still nursing a few times a day which I'm so happy about! I love getting up with you in the morning or coming home from work in the morning to find you in your cribby smiling at me. You are always so excited to see us in the morning and it warms my heart! We always have a great morning nursing session to start your day. All is right in the world when I hold you in the nice comfy chair of your beautiful nursery and enjoy that time with you!

*You are still eating well and we started giving you some tastes of real food. You love puffs, crunchies (baby cheetos), and husks (and apparently so do all the animals because they stalk your highchair during meal time). You've even started to feed them your treats!

*We love watching you mimic us! We hold our arms over our head and say "big girl" and you do the same with this sneaky smile on your face. You love to crawl over to the gate in your doorway and hold onto the bars looking like you are trying to break out. We make fists and grunt at you and you always do it back :)

*Your hair is getting so long that we have started needing clips to keep it out of your eyes. We even tried a pony that mom calls "the fountain" :)

*You have these little animal finger puppets and you crack us up when you hold one in your mouth and crawl around. You've been watching the doggies :)

*We bought a bicycle trailer and have taken you on several bike rides. You seem to love it!

*We've been in the Utah spirit since football season began again! Mommy and Daddy even got to go see the Utes play at the University of Michigan again like they did in 2008. It was a very wet game but they won! We are excited to take you to games in the future!

Well Miss Reagan it's hard to believe that another month has gone by already! That means another month closer to your first birthday which is crazy! We love you so so much! Almost every night when Daddy calls me at work before he goes to bed he says "I sure love that girl." I couldn't agree more. You have brought us so much joy and we are having so much fun with you right now!