Sunday, May 8, 2011


I thought today would be an appropriate day to play catch up and blog about my mom :) She turned 50 last month and my siblings and dad and I planned a surprise party for her. Amazingly it stayed a surprise and we were able to catch her off guard! She does so much for our family and is a busy lady so I'm glad we were able to remember her for an evening.

I flew in that morning then my sister and I ran all sorts of errands for last minute party supplies and finally were able to get to the house to set up once my brother who had been providing surveillance gave us the okay with a "the hen has left the nest" text :) Then it was a rush to get the house decorated and food out in time, welcome guests, then prepare for her arrival. My brother hid in the parking lot where her car was and gave us the heads up to get ready then raced home and got in just before she pulled in.
Needless to say, she was surprised!
She had no idea I was coming so that was another fun surprise.
Among the guests was her very best childhood friend Laurie
My dad was so cute and all ready with the black lei's and buttons to dress her up with

We had a tasty spaghetti dinner and of course...cake!

And what would an "over the hill" party be without the gag gifts?

It was such a nice night and we're grateful to those who could make it to help us celebrate her!

We love you Mom!

The next morning my mom, brother, his girlfriend, and I attended my sister's water aerobics class that she teaches. Man, she's tough! I definitely got my workout!

During my few days home I was also able to see my sister in law's, their cute kids, and my mother and father-in-law. They are such a loving family and support to Ryan and I and it was nice to just sit and chat.

Before I left I was able to watch my sister's kids gymnastics class. I couldn't get over how cute Katie was in her "babynastics" class (that's totally what she calls it).
Mckayla and Talmage were as daring as ever and very anxious to show off all of their skills!

Those lucky kids got their Easter gifts a little early from Aunt Stephie and Uncle Ryan.
Look at these monkeys hamming it up for the camera!

My mom and dad's birthdays are just a few days apart so we were able to celebrate his as well. Sadly, most if not all of his gifts consisted of food since he has transitioned to a gluten free diet over the last year. One advantage to that though is he always gets his own cake!

We watched Tangled with the kids one night and of course they found a big yellow rope, threw it over the railing, and yelled out "Rapunzel, rapunzel let down your hair!" which ultimately led to my dad pulling them up. The kids loved it and it's definitely a memory I'll remember when grandma and grandpa made a pulley system in the front room :)

Miss Katie-bug however missed out on the fun since she was passed out in the chair with Aunt Stephie, that was okay with me though :)

And that concluded yet another trip home. I'm grateful for the time with family whether it be 3 days or a week. It always goes by too quick but we are looking forward to seeing them again soon!

P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there including mine!! I'm grateful to be a mom to my 3 furry babies who melt my heart with every kiss and tail wag they offer :)