Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Reagan 12-14 Month Highlights

    Here is some journaling mommy did after your birthday and through January 2015.

 You love to crawl under the table like the doggies. They on the other hand aren't too sure about sharing their space.

You love to play pat-a-cake and peek-a-boo.

You say "uh oh", still babble a lot, sing and howl.

At 14.5 months you figured out how to use a fork! We noticed you were interested in ours so we let you have it and you totally knew what to do!

We went with daddy to a small branch one Sunday and after the meeting you waved and crawled up to him on the stand. The congregation loved it!

You absolutely love to crawl around, especially outside of your nursery and one night you were crawling and found our bike helmets. You weren't quite sure what it was so I put one on my head and you laughed. I put the other on you and you took off crawling and left it on your head until dinner! Silly baby.

On January 4th, 2015 you were invited into nursery for the first time and did great even though you were only 14 months old! You played with the kids and had a snack and did music time with bells. Daddy and I laugh because you were the youngest but one of the biggest kids in there!

We were having a birthday dinner for daddy and you were sitting between us at the table. You kept pulling on our shirts to pull us together to kiss! You got the biggest, cheesiest smile on your face and made us do it over and over again!

 Mama spoke in church in January and it warmed my heart to see Daddy walk in carrying you looking so pretty and waving at me from the bench. You smiled and yelled at me :)

Around January 12th you decided you were done nursing. It was a gradual process and one that I knew was coming. I was sad to see that time of ours end but it wasn't as traumatic as I expected it to be. Thankfully it happened pretty naturally and on your timeline which is what I wanted all along. Thank you for giving me 14.5 months of those special moments. I have cherished them and will remember this time with you forever!

Ever since you got 2 soft puppets from Grammy and Grandpa for Christmas, you've started giving them and most other soft things (stuffed animals, blankets) loves. You hug them close then lay down on the floor while hugging them :)

You are such a smart little girl! At bedtime on January 24th (day after you turned 15 months) you reached up to give me your book of Mormon picture book because you know we read it at night. Then when Daddy came in to say family prayers with us you folded your arms, bowed your head, and closed your eyes all by yourself just like we've shown you! This was the first time we've seen you do it and we were cheering!

You are a thinker Miss Reagan :)

Such a ham!

All dressed up in our New Year's attire!