Thursday, April 30, 2009

Take me out to the ball game

Well, it was a big day for me. I did something unplanned and spontaneous! That's right, I let go of control for 1 day and took Ryan to a Detroit Tigers vs NY Yankees baseball game. A patient's family gave me 4 tickets that they couldn't use and after splitting them with another nurse and cancelling Ryan's plans we were off!

We had a great time! The weather was perfect, great seats, and good company.
Crazy story though. Toward the end of the game a siren started to go off and we didn't think anything of it until they made an announcement that said there was an emergency and we needed to evacuate the stadium! We all looked at each other to figure it out. We thought maybe tornado but the winds hadn't picked up. Anyway, we got our stuff and waited for the crowd to start moving when the players just started playing again! So we sat down and enjoyed the last 2 innings. Weird huh? We still don't know what happened but about 3/4 of the fans left.

After each homerun these fountains went off
Pretty cute merry-go-round Tigers styleCouldn't ask for a better view from free tickets!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bitter Sweet

Well it's my little niece Katie bug's 1st birthday today! The bitter sweet part comes in because I miss her and can't believe I've only met her twice. I love this experience of living in a new place but it's times like this that I really miss our family.
The other event making me miss the fam is the passing of my niece Mckayla'a goldfish Little G. We gave her the fish for her 2nd birthday in 2005 and that little guy made it all the way to 2009! (This is the time to grab your tissue) My sister said they held a little funeral for him and her son Talmage who is 3 said "we'll cheer little G up." When they finished the funeral he said "he's not cheering up mom." How freakin heartbreaking is that?! Then Mckayla said later to my sister, "you know mom, another reason I miss little G? He reminded me of stephie." Oh my gosh, I broke down and still am as I write this! I have never felt so guilty for not being there! I wish we could have the best of both worlds right now but I know it will come someday and our sacrifice will have been worth it.
Well that's enough depressing news for the day but I had to share it. Kids really do have the sweetest spirits!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday Report

I love Saturdays. It's my 1 full day off and either we have some planned event or we just run errands/I go shopping/we take the dogs to the park. Yesterday was no exception. Just wanted to share some pictures.
We started the day with high hopes at the MSU Small Animal Day. Kind of like a fair, you get to go around and see farm animals and their babies. I enjoyed seeing the animals and hanging out with the Jones family but it was WAY too crowded with people. Basically WAY too many people for not enough exhibits=a grumpy Stephanie. Plus Ryan lost our camera midway through the tour (which thankfully someone found). I think I just need my own farm, then I don't have to pay to see someone elses...Ryan and our adopted daughter Eve, we love her!

Then we took our boy Norris to get his haircut!! He really needed it but I miss his curls. They had to shave my baby's beard because it was too matted :( Oh well, I just hope it grows back.

After...Poor Baby waiting for her brother to come home

The rest of the day was spent cleaning up the house and yard. We are blessed with lots of big windows in our house and I love to watch Ryan and the dogs play outside. Bless his heart, Ryan is trying his best with our yard but the dogs just tear up the grass.Yes, that's straw. 2 bales of it. That was our solution to a muddy mess but Baby enjoys it.
Norris and Baby on neighborhood watch patrol
So what do you think about Norris's new do? Do you prefer Shagaroo Wolfman Norris or the clean cut Airedale look?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hope you all have a great holiday. We aren't doing much besides a nice sunday dinner together and thinking of our families who we miss. I plan to make my first batch of deviled eggs in honor of my Grandma Ann. I'm grateful for our Savior and his sacrifice that we might be together with our families forever. Have a happy day!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well not much new here but I thought I'd post something to avoid getting too far behind. I'll be the first to admit that this is one sad attempt at a journal...

We did enjoy a date out with our friends the Jones. We saw this musical/play called Forbidden Broadway. It's a spoof on popular plays like Wicked, Les Miserables, Annie, and Hello Dolly. They take the popular songs and change the words to make fun of them. It was quite entertaining but really we're just grateful for good friends to spend time with.

Speaking of the Jones, my friend Rebecca and I have been hitting the gym together. Isn't it crazy how much better you feel about yourself after just an hour working out? Does anyone have any good exercises for the area where your butt meets your thigh? It seems like the only thing that ever kept my legs toned was dancing for 3 hours a day every day but that clearly is not going to happen :)

I've also decided I like working in a college town. Recently we had an "epidemic" of undergrads with vomiting/diarrhea that they think was the Norwalk virus. They called it an "epidemic" or "code green" because it overwhelmed our resources since we got about 30 students in an hour. Luckily I avoided them by working with the kids that night but all the same, kind of cool. Oh and sadly, our Spartans lost last night so we were prepared for a riot that never came :) Okay, so we had 4 or 5 drunk/injured students but nothing like they thought. I am sure glad I wasn't working in Detroit though!

Other than that, just waiting for summer to get here so we can go back to the beach and travel. Hope you all are well and thanks for reading my ever so random post!