Monday, April 27, 2009

Bitter Sweet

Well it's my little niece Katie bug's 1st birthday today! The bitter sweet part comes in because I miss her and can't believe I've only met her twice. I love this experience of living in a new place but it's times like this that I really miss our family.
The other event making me miss the fam is the passing of my niece Mckayla'a goldfish Little G. We gave her the fish for her 2nd birthday in 2005 and that little guy made it all the way to 2009! (This is the time to grab your tissue) My sister said they held a little funeral for him and her son Talmage who is 3 said "we'll cheer little G up." When they finished the funeral he said "he's not cheering up mom." How freakin heartbreaking is that?! Then Mckayla said later to my sister, "you know mom, another reason I miss little G? He reminded me of stephie." Oh my gosh, I broke down and still am as I write this! I have never felt so guilty for not being there! I wish we could have the best of both worlds right now but I know it will come someday and our sacrifice will have been worth it.
Well that's enough depressing news for the day but I had to share it. Kids really do have the sweetest spirits!


Anonymous said...

That is so cute!! I love little kids and the things they say and do - its funny how they always seem to touch you, but don't know it!

It's things like this I get hesitant about moving to Alaska... but like you said - it's a good experience! So we'll see what happens!

The Lawrences said...

That's a long life for a goldfish! Leslie is so thoughtful to give him a funeral and everything for her little kids. You guys are a cute family:)

Rebecca said...

I know what you mean about the not living by family thing! That is a sweet picture of your grandma and Kate(?).

Sheena Chaston said...


Leslie said...

Oh sis, I don't want you to feel guilty! I only told you to show you how much they love and think of you. You're living your life right now and that's ok.
Yeah they are sweet little sprits, but they sure can make you cry some days.
That pic with Grandma is awesome, I feel like I haven't seen it! You're better than I, I still haven't done Katie's bday post, whoops!

Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

O h you are a true animal lover to cry over a goldfish!!