Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 13-16

Well it's hard to believe another month has gone by and we've crossed into the 2nd trimester! Time is flying and I'm feeling great and for all of this, I'm grateful!

Week 13
We took little Baby West on his/her first plane ride and first trip out of the country and spent the week in Playa del Carmen, Mexico on our annual beach trip! We realized that this would be the last beach trip for awhile so we enjoyed it to the fullest but agreed to plan one in 2 years for our 10th anniversary. I think I'll survive :)

Week 14
Sorry for the boring picture but after we got back from our trip I went straight back to work for 7 nights so between scrubs and pajamas...this is the best I got :) But as you can see, the tummy is making its debut! Ryan visited me at work one night and we took a little peek at the baby. Sure is fun to see him/her moving around! We think we even caught him/her sucking their thumb!

Week 15
As you can see, I made a BIG change and cut 12 inches of my hair off for a new do! Haven't had it short for almost 15 years. Why now you ask? Well I've had this crazy notion in my head for years that "pregnant women have short hair" and when I got pregnant some day I would cut mine. Crazy I know, but whatever it takes to take the plunge :)
Had another appointment with the doctor this week. Heard a quick heartbeat (155bpm) and got her blessing. We also scheduled our big ultrasound and are counting down the days with anticipation!

Week 16
Celebrated Mother's Day! Ryan and the babies got me my hanging baskets for the porch and we got to video chat with Elder Allan for an hour.
Jack was jealous of Baby's camera time last week so he insisted on being a part of this week's picture :)

That's it for now. Hard to believe the next time I post we'll know whether this little baby is a boy or a girl!! Any guesses?