Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 17-20

Week 17
Apparently nothing too exciting this week, just a slowly expanding belly :)

Week 18
On May 31st at 18w5d I finally felt our little baby move! I had been paying attention for a week or two anticipating the first movement but it was while I was hunched over at the computer desk talking to the bank for an hour that I finally felt that little jab :) It wasn't a small feeling like "gas or bubbles" like people say, it was a pretty clear punch/kick. Sure made a long trying phone call much better!

Week 19
(Hello Baby Belly!)
On June 4th we had our big ultrasound! We were so anxious to find out what this little baby is and...SHE cooperated! Gave us a great gender shot and other needed shots but not so great on the profile shots which are the cute ones. She was snuggled up looking down with her knees drawn up and hands under her chin which is exactly how I sleep :) But it was great to see her and find out she is a healthy baby GIRL! Honestly I wasn't surprised, I've thought she was a girl for most of the pregnancy but we were both hoping for an oldest boy. Very grateful for HER though :)
We kept the news to ourselves for a few days and then I first revealed the gender to my mom when we met in Philadelphia on the 6th. The rest of the family received a package with "It's a Girl" candy bars a few days later. We were able to Skye or call with almost everyone when they opened them. Funny how nearly everyone predicted a girl.

Week 20
(This is the only picture I have of week 20 due to traveling but it's a great one!)
I've put on 5-7 pounds by this point and am really seeing the bump now! I personally have noticed it for at least 5 weeks but other people are really noticing in the last 2-3 weeks which is fun. I feel great and can't complain! We revealed our little girl's gender to friends and "the world" this week via facebook. We have a few names that we like but haven't agreed on one yet. Hopefully soon!