Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reagan's first week

Thought I better hurry up and document Reagan's first few weeks before I forget too much (funny how sleep deprivation will do that to you). Just a warning, this post and probably every future post will be a picture overload!
10/24/13 Reagan's 2nd day with us started out with her PKU blood draw. We laughed as she proudly displayed her battle scar and showed off her tough girl face :)
She also had her first bath. Her daddy did a great job!
I had been having a rough time dealing with some pretty bad nerve pain and nearly passed out earlier in the day so I got confined back to the bed and ordered to nap by Ryan. It melted my heart when I woke up later to hear Ryan softly singing hymns and primary songs in English and Portuguese to Reagan as they sat quietly in the corner :) These days in the hospital may not have been easy at times but they really were magical to just be together as a family and get to know our little baby!
That night we enjoyed our first dinner as a family and plenty of snuggle time :)
10/25/13 We spent much of Reagan's 3rd day admiring her beautiful face and head of hair.
My parents arrived to help us for a few days. So fun to introduce them to their new granddaughter!
10/26/13 This was the day we got to bring baby Reagan home! It was fun to get her dressed in her first little outfit.
Maybe not fun for Reagan but fun for us :)
Ready to go! Doesn't she look thrilled?
We were welcomed home to a darling sign by my parents.
Introducing her to her dog brother and sister
First nap in her crib after a long day.
10/27/13 First bath at home!
First family picture (minus Jack)
10/28/13 First visit to the pediatrician to celebrate her due date. Her weight was up to 6 lbs 12 oz (was down to 6 lbs 10 oz when we left the hospital) and the doctor said she looked perfect. She was 19% in weight and 57% in height.
The rest of her first week involved plenty more snuggling before her Grandma and Grandpa had to leave!
Learning the art of multi tasking
10/31/13 First Halloween was spent looking cute at home with the lights off to avoid the trick or treaters :)
Video chatting with Grandma and Grandpa
What a first week!


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Birth Story

First off, here are the long awaited and asked for pictures of our baby girl's nursery! The painting and wall design done by Ryan and myself, furniture is from Target and Ikea, chair from Babies r Us, crib bedding and valences made by my mom, collage frame/name board/lamp made by me, and small frames, photography and elephant d├ęcor courtesy of my sister in law.
Well October 23, 2013 finally arrived! We were both excited and nervous but ready to meet our baby.
After one last belly picture we gave our 4 legged babies a kiss and were off!
We checked into the hospital at 10am and got started in room 4.
Had to have the traditional gown and monitoring pics :) Turns out I was actually contracting and didn't realize it!
 We had a great nurse who answered all of our questions and was great at explaining everything. My doctor came in shortly after and did a bedside ultrasound which showed our little princess was still breech (which I already knew). It also showed that there was very little fluid around her and that my placenta had some calcifications and was looking "tired" so it had no reserve to even attempt a version. We weren't planning on doing the version anyway but this just cemented the cesarean section decision. We had 30 minutes or so to just rest and anticipate her birth. Very surreal to actually be there in labor and delivery, hooked up to the monitors and actually getting ready to meet our baby!
Just after 12pm we made the walk to the OR. I was anxious about the spinal (I think from years of watching lumbar punctures done in the ER) but they wouldn't let Ryan come in with me for that. The nurse and CRNA were great though and the spinal turned out to be a breeze! "Easiest in 14 years" per the CRNA :) They laid me down, did the other prep and brought Ryan in to sit by my side. Again, VERY surreal to be in that position and know that this was actually happening but so glad to be squeezing Ryan's hand in that moment.
They were kind enough to bring a mirror in for me so I could watch as much of the procedure as I wanted. The doctor made the incision at 12:27pm, let Ryan know they were at the uterus so he could take pictures (which I won't share here due to the blood), and at 12:34pm our sweet Reagan Ann West was born!! She was pulled out bum first in a full pike position followed by a little maneuvering to get her head out. I loved hearing Ryan excitedly say "Oh there she is!" as he peered over the drape. Reagan was gray and quiet initially but perked up once they took her to the warmer.
Those legs are true "breech baby" legs and did not want to be straightened :)
Ryan went with her and warmed my heart as he smiled at her, talked to her and held her hand. He really was/is over the moon for this baby :)
After a few short minutes they brought her over to me for some modified skin to skin while they were sewing me up.
What a sweetie! She was calm and actually quite alert which was awesome to be able to see her pretty eyes.
After a few minutes they did measurements and a little more suctioning.
This is one of our favorite pictures and we joke that Reagan was born with a scowl but it's no joke, she really was born with this scowl and sported it for days (still does sometimes). We also joke that she got the scowl from me...but again, no joke. She really did! I'm not too proud to admit it :)
After they finished up the incision we took our first family picture followed by a ride back to room 4 with her on my chest.
Our nurse stayed with us for an hour helping Reagan and me with breastfeeding. Once again, she was such a great nurse and we were lucky to have her!
 Ryan sent out the family texts then we worked on footprints.
One proud daddy!
After a few hours of recovery we moved to room 354 where we would spend the next 3 days enjoying this precious baby!
One thing is for sure, being born is hard work no matter how you do it. We all earned a nap after that momentous day :)