Saturday, December 20, 2014

12 Months!


Height: 30 1/4 inches (85%)
Weight: 23 lb 6 oz (83%)
Head: 48.8 cm (99%!)

Happy 1st Birthday sweetheart!! Daddy and I can't believe you are already a year old! It's bittersweet for us. For your birthday we started off by having birthday pancakes (daddy's idea). Of course we let you try them with butter and sugar just like Grandma Ann used to make them. Later we got to video chat with Grandma and Grandpa West, Aunt Kelli, and Aunt Leslie. You were spoiled with fun new toys and books!

Then came time for your birthday cake. We think you had more fun smashing it then eating it but that's okay because it was your special day! We love you so much smooch!


You cracked us up with your cake eating process. 1st step was getting over the shock of the cake in front of you. 2nd, carefully removed the unlit candle. 3rd, get weirded out by the funny texture. 4th, evaluate what you just got on your hands. 5th, dig in! 6th, finally take a bite. 7th, savor the new taste. 8th, finally decide that you love birthday cake!

Every first birthday inevitably ends with a birthday bath!

*We took you for 1st birthday and Halloween pictures. I love them!


Dearest Reagan,
   I can't believe you are a year old already! You have given me the best year of my life and I love you so very much! I enjoyed taking the day to remember your birth and those first moments with you.
I've also been thinking about something very special to me over the last year and that is our wonderful breastfeeding relationship. I'm so grateful we've had this year and hopefully more to spend together in those quiet moments. Not only were you nourished but it was special bonding time for us. I am so happy to have nursed you every day of your life so far. Whether it was twice a day or all day, I'm very thankful for every opportunity.
I've loved watching you learn and grow. You are such a smart and beautiful girl and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you. I know you must grow up but I hope you'll always be mommy's baby!
I love you forever sweetheart!

 *We are glad you were happy for your birthday because the next day we took you to your 1 year check up at the pediatrician. Dr Loznak still says you are doing great and isn't worried about a thing! You had to get 4 shots and they left you not feeling very well or sleeping very well the rest of the week. Daddy and I hate seeing you sick!

*For your second Halloween we started a day early and took you to a nursing home to a trick or treating event. All the residents were sitting in the hallway handing out candy and they were so happy to see you! You wore your pretty fairy costume and they all loved it. They even had a petting zoo and a fire truck and ambulance there!
Halloween day was very cold (first day of snow) so we took you to the mall to see all the other kids in costumes. You looked so cute in your 3rd costume...a mouse! You had so much fun and kicked your legs the whole time. It was too cold to go out at home so you helped us hand out candy to the few trick or treaters that came by.

I found some of our halloween led candles and showed them to you. You loved them! Grandpa Allan is proud!

And of course we had to wear our matching halloween dresses :)

*Reagan, you are such a sweet and happy baby. We love to hear your laugh and see your cheesy smile! You've started making a duck face with your lips pursed and it cracks us up every time we see it.

*You still love your books. We often find you sitting and looking through the pages of your many books. You got a new book for your birthday called "Goodnight Gorilla" and you laugh every time you see the picture of the wife finding the gorilla in her bed. You also love your big dog book and look at it every day.

*Now that you are 1 you have a whole new idea of what church is and it doesn't include being held or holding still! You would crawl the whole 3 hours if we would let you (and most of the time we do).

*We love to hear your babbling and words. Your favorite and most frequent word is "dada" reapeated over and over again :)


*Finally, to celebrate and remember your 1st birthday we had family pictures taken. These are extra special to us because we've waited a long time for you and to get a picture with all of us including the doggies and kitty. We had them taken in the backyard and we love them!