Friday, April 15, 2011


We thought after 4 years of living in Michigan it was about time to visit the Windy City. After a reasonable 3.5 hour drive we made it to start our fun weekend. I've mentioned a time or two that I love big cities right? :) just checking

First I have to share my problem with you. You see, I've always loved hotels and have no problem staying at the Motel 6 but since we've started our traveling we have stayed in some sweet places and now it's hard to go back to dear Motel 6. Problem being, fancy schmancy hotels cost lots of $$$ but that's where my frugal/bargain side comes in (thanks mom). We stayed at the Park Hyatt Chicago which is our first 5star hotel and the only reason we were able to is cuz I got the room half off due to some restaurant renovations being done. It was great! But even sweeter because we got a deal :)

The hotel is on the corner of Michigan and Chicago (quite appropriate right?) and our room faced the Water Tower and Lake Michigan.

I love big cities as night :)

Apart from a nice comfy bed,
big TV, and window seat, it had a cool bathroom where the doors open up so while you're enjoying your time in the deep soaker tub you can watch TV or enjoy the view! Not too shabby.

After checking in we headed to the Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower).
Like most everything we did that weekend the lines were long and the people many but after an hour or so we made it to the top Skydeck where you get a fantastic view of the city and lake.

And of course we had to experience "the ledge" where you can walk out on a clear platform to get a real idea of how high you are.

I like this picture of Ryan. I like to think (hope) that he is plotting his big business man dreams :)

Next we enjoyed a sushi dinner then a subway ride back.
I know it doesn't look like it but I ♥ the Subway!

The next morning I enjoyed a little city jogging to get our breakfast (you'd be proud sis). While I was out I noticed a lot of people in St Patrick's Day green which I thought was odd because it was the weekend before the holiday. Anyway, on our way to Shedd's Aquarium we figured out that the St Patrick's Day Parade was getting underway. The timing was totally unplanned but definitely added to our Chicago experience!

Nothing says St Patty's Day like a leprechaun on rollerblades :)

Check out this cutie pie Irish Wolfhound! Her name is of course...Shamrock :)

And now, my proudest moment as Ryan's wife... {insert heavy sarcasm}What would a St Patty's Day parade be without power-rangers?! Yeah, I'm not sure either...

After the parade we enjoyed the Shedd Aquarium.
Check out this giant snake and his recently shedded skin!
Notice the giant green eel on the bottom?
See the cute sea turtle floating around? Sad story, out in the wild she was paralyzed by a boat motor so she doesn't have use of her back legs, hence the constant floating with her head down. I felt better though when they fed her and she got all the fish she could stomach :)

The pier where the aquarium is offerred some pretty killer views of the city

Following the aquarium we enjoyed some yummy pizza from Gino's East (thank you to everyone who offerred resturaunt suggestions)!

We've always tried to catch a Jazz game while we've lived here and we've seen 2 games against the Piston's so we decided to visit the United Center and the Chicago Bulls!

The Jazz played like crap and lost but halftime was cool. They commemorated the anniversary of the Bulls first NBA championship so none other than Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan were brought out!

The next morning we splurged and enjoyed a little room service. I NEVER order room service cuz I'm cheap but we got a killer deal because of the rennovation. Is this not the pretties setting for Sunday breakfast?
It was just as yummy as it looks :)

Sadly, after a few more hours of laziness we had to pack up and head out.
On our way out of the city we stopped to get a picture of the famous river that they dye green for St Patrick's Day. Cool huh?!

Chicago was awesome and we very much enjoyed our weekend getaway. See you again in September Miss Windy City!