Saturday, October 31, 2009

Catch up

Well, it's been awhile since I posted last and mostly cuz nothing exciting has gone on. Until this week that is!

To start off...we got a new car!! We traded in my lemon of an Oldsmobile that was dying on us and upgraded to a 2007 Toyota Camry! It's awesome, good price, 25K miles, sunroof, shiny black paint, spotless interior, and the best accelerates past 45mph! It's been a rough couple years with the Olds and really bad last year but it's all worth it to have paid it off and been patient for the right car to come along.

Ryan took the dogs for their daily walk today and when he came back he rushed upstairs, grabbed a towel, and yelled "hurry, we've got to rescue a kitty in the park!" Not having any idea what he was talking about, I jumped in the car and we found this poor tiny kitty laying in the cold, wet grass shivering! Can you believe that?! It's pretty young but not young enough to still be nursing and there was no mother cat or siblings in sight so we got him out of the cold and brought him home. He scarfed down an entire can of food and bowl of milk then curled up on the dogs old puppy bed. We plan to put up flyer's in case he belongs to someone and if not...I guess we are the new owners of a stray kitty. We're calling him Jack (short for jack-o-lantern)for now because we found him on Halloween. The name Pumpkin was already taken by Ryan's parents kitty. Norris and Baby aren't so sure about him but have been keeping a close eye on him from the other side of the gate :)

Tonight we had a low key Halloween at home passing out candy. Norris and Baby were going to be a bumble bee and lady bug but seeing that the costumes didn't even reach around their shoulders they decided to go casual this year.

Lastly, I'm sad to seeing fall come to a close and the inevitable entry of winter just outside our door. It sure was a pretty fall though. Just thought I would share a few pics of our home and neighborhood in full bloom. I wish I had taken the time to take more because Michigan fall's are amazing!