Friday, April 19, 2013

Baby West

I'll be honest, we put having kids off for a long time. The "plan" or at least mine had always been to put Ryan through law school then start having kids. Well that didn't exactly work out. About 6 months ago we decided that we had waited long enough and better start obeying :)

December 1st 2012 we found out we were pregnant.

Even though we had been trying I was so delighted and surprised to actually see a positive test and Ryan was ecstatic (which warmed my heart more than anything). Unfortunately, our joy turned to worry and sorrow just a few days later when I started to spot. I'm an ER nurse, I see that every day and knew what it most likely meant. Our doctors were very kind and helpful but unfortunately I miscarried about a week later. It was a sad time for us. So disappointing since we were looking forward to our holiday visit to Utah and to be able to share our news. It was a sad visit for the two of us. I guess we didn't know how badly we wanted it until it was taken away. I'm sure grateful for all the support Ryan gave me through the process.

So we started trying again. I took tests every few days (which I wouldn't recommend) and got used to seeing negative signs even though I wanted a positive one. On February 20th, I took another test fully expecting it to be negative and to my surprise it was positive!
It was faint though so when I showed Ryan he wasn't elated like he was the first time. He was apprehensive and nervous which I understand. But the next day I had blood work done and my HCG numbers were lower than I anticipated but they confirmed the pregnancy. My progesterone level was much higher than the first pregnancy which I was SO glad to see!

I plan to use this blog like many many other ladies as a journal of this journey. So expect lots of pictures and information that may get boring but is fun/important for me to remember. And I offer my apologies ahead of time if TMI is shared. I'm a nurse and have therefore lost my filter for appropriateness :) Here goes!

5 weeks
Had repeat HCG's that kept doubling. Those numbers were joy to my heart!

6 weeks
On March 5th we had our first doctor's appointment. It was so great to be there! All seemed well and we left excited with a due date of October 28, 2013.
On March 9th and 10th we told our families our good news! I sent my sister a card that said "Great sisters get promoted to Aunt" I told her to video call me before she opened it and she was SO excited to find out! She's been waiting 10 years in fact :)
With St. Patrick's Day coming up we sent our parents each a sign with a rainbow and pot of gold. I wrote "Better than a pot of gold..." and on the back I wrote "is a little Baby to hold! Baby West coming October 2013" with a picture of us holding a onesie.

We video chatted with them while they opened it and they too were very excited for us. It was so great to have our family share our excitement and offer support and love.

7 weeks
My nausea started this week. It was uncomfortable but manageable when I ate. Shared our news with "the world" via facebook.

8 weeks
A great friend from work/church did a bedside ultrasound for us in the ER. It was awesome to see the little gummy bear and the heartbeat! I had snuck a peek myself a few days prior and was pretty sure I saw the heartbeat. It was great though to have Ryan there and to see it for sure. Ryan had a huge smile on his face and took the pictures home to hang on our fridge (which seemed momentous).

9 weeks
After a few unsuccessful attempts I was able to find the baby's heartbeat with a doppler (a perk of working in the ER). It was so cool! I remember smiling so big to myself, I even recorded it with my phone so I could share it with Ryan and our families.

10 weeks
Nausea, wicked breast tenderness, and constipation (sorry if TMI) continue but grateful for them all the same. I feel like I started to show this week (and by show I mean I could tell a difference).

11 weeks
I think my nausea turned the corner this week, yay! Had another appointment, this time with my doctor. She was excited for us which I thought was sweet. She thought it was too early to hear the heartbeat but I asked her to try (knowing full well she would find it) and after she made us promise we wouldn't be upset if she couldn't find it, she tried and found it immediately...what a surprise :) It was good to hear it again and to have Ryan there to hear it.
On April 12th we had our first official ultrasound! It.was.awesome! What a magical time to hold hands as we saw our little baby who finally look like a baby. He/she wiggled and kicked and it was the coolest thing to watch! I am never filled with more joy than when I see Ryan smile the way he did as he watched his baby :)
Looks like this baby has inherited his/her dad's long legs :)

12 weeks
Still drooling over these precious ultrasound pictures! It makes it all that more real...along with a growing belly which I'm noticing a lot more this week. It's somewhat of a relief to have made it to the magic 12 weeks but I know we still have a long road in front of us! Now we're off to enjoy one last beach trip for what is probably going to be long time!