Wednesday, June 25, 2014

7 months


Height: ?
Weight: ?
Head: big and beautiful

*Your 7 month birthday wasn't your best day. You may or may not have started the day by rolling out of your bouncer onto the bathroom floor somehow while mom was taking a shower. I felt AWFUL and am now officially out of the running for mom of the year award. Thankfully you stopped crying right away and I think you were more scared than hurt. Sorry sweetheart!
Then to top that off you tried peas for the first time later that morning and did not like them one bit! You got about 4 bites in before you started to dry heave so we called it quits for the day.

*You are still nursing but seem to be showing less interest. I'm not sure if you are starting to wean yourself or just getting more distracted as you get older. I sure treasure our time together though so I hope we can keep it up a few more months!


*At 7 months and 2 days I saw you sit up by yourself for the first time! We were playing on the guest bed and I was so excited to see you sitting up like a big girl. Daddy says he's seen you do it already but now I've seen it for my own eyes.

*I took you to the splash pad for the first time and you seemed to enjoy it. You liked sitting in the chair even more though you silly girl :) On a side note and for the record, I would never have mismatched your hat and swimsuit so badly but Daddy made me when he misplaced your matching hat :)

*Your first camping trip was a ward campout with the Meridian Ward (fun fact: you were the first baby born in this newly created ward). You did great! You had a little trouble falling asleep because of the noisy kids but you slept all night.

*We took you to a Lansing Lugnuts baseball game with friends. You seemed to enjoy it but the loud noise from the crowd cheering scared you.

*Our sweet dog Baby has been having some problems lately and you have been so sweet to her and give her lots of loves :)

*You are my little church buddy most weeks since Daddy is on the High Council and has to travel to different wards. You are almost always such a good girl for me and I know it's Heavenly Father blessing us because he knew I was so nervous about being alone when Daddy got this calling.
We get to go with him once in awhile. This month I had to work one Saturday night so Dad took you with him to church and you sat on the stand with him! He said they welcomed you as the first baby to sit on the stand :)

*We celebrated daddy's first official Father's Day. He is such a wonderful daddy and you are SO very blessed to have him.

*Grandma and Grandpa West came to visit us (well they really came to see you) in June. They missed you so much and adored every second with you.
 *We took Grandma and Grandpa to Detroit for a little tour. We rode the People Mover and walked to the Tigers Stadium. 

What a fun month we had! Here are some of the rest of the million pictures mommy took :)