Friday, September 13, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 29-32

Wow! Hello 3rd trimester! That is crazy to me but things have gone by fast and are still going well!
Week 29
The only thing I remember from this week is sleeping poorly :( Just couldn't get comfortable and I thought "Oh no, if this is the beginning of the next 10 weeks they are going to be tough weeks." But thankfully things have improved.
Week 30
OB appointment this week with the nurse practitioner. Got the lecture about increasing protein and calories as my weight had kind of stalled out and was still within normal limits but low. I laughed when I got home from work the next morning after stopping to buy oreo's only to find that Ryan had already bought a jumbo pack at Sam's Club for me :)
Week 31
Ryan's dad Robert came to visit us this week to ordain Ryan as a High Priest as he is now on the High Council of our Stake. We were both shocked by that calling and made sure when they called him that they realized I really was pregnant with our first child...They knew but apparently he is man for the job so wish me luck as I take on "single parent Sundays" soon!
Week 32
I've been feeling so much movement up high near my ribs and barely any in my pelvis and I was dying to know which position this baby girl was in so a kind ultrasound tech at work took a look for me and confirmed that...she is breech as I suspected :( The doctor confirmed it with palpation the next day at an appointment and said she has a few more weeks to turn on her own and if not, it's up to my regular doctor and me if we want to attempt a version. Otherwise we are looking at a C-section which I DO NOT want. So keep this stubborn girl in your prayers that she will do a little dance move and find her way down :)
This week I was spoiled by incredible coworkers with a darling baby shower.
Complete with yummy food and punch
activities such as a onesie painting contest
and clothespin game where if you said "baby" or "girl" someone got to take your pin.
They really were so overly generous! I'm so grateful for wonderful friends and coworkers that make up my work family!