Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Halloween/1st Birthday Jack!

This year was a pretty low key Halloween for us but celebrating Jack's 1st Birthday livened it up a bit. Hard to believe we brought this tiny, shivering little kitty home a year ago!
We were so happy to see that the dogs didn't attack the cat

Watching Baby mother him was priceless.
He sure is a good cat despite his desire to take out the neighborhood one squirrel/bird/mouse at a time...
{all grown up}

We love you Jackie!
(sad but true story...so when Ryan gave Jack his cupcake he didn't seem too familiar with the candle so he leaned in to lick the frosting and singed the hair on his face! Don't worry, it scared him but not bad enough to not finish his treat)

As far as Halloween we attended our first "trunk or treat" and actually had fun decorating the car. I learned my lesson though about not buying enough candy! It was so embarrassing to tell the kids we ran out...they just don't understand.

As I mentioned before this Halloween was low key so the babies didn't dress up to their full potential but we thought their jester collars and tie were pretty cute all the same. We attempted a family picture but had no luck. The out-takes are pretty funny though so I thought I'd share them.

Take 1: test shot, Baby's bored, Norris is photogenic like always, and look who's peeking out the front door

Take 2: Jack is NOT happy and Norris appears concerned

Take 3: ditched the cat

Take 4 and 5: okay so these are great but they are missing Dad

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!