Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Visit from Vanessa

We were lucky enough to have Ryan's little sister Vanessa who is 15 come spend a few weeks with us. She is such a good sport and up for anything. We have been looking forward to her visit (she's our first visitor since we left Utah) and planned a few fun things.
Last week we spent 2 days at Cedar Point which is an amusement park in Ohio. It's really cool, it's on a peninsula of Lake Huron so you are basically looking right at the water when you're on the rides. They had some insane roller coasters! Our favorite one, the Dragster went 120mph and 420 feet up then 420 feet straight down! I was so freaking out when they strapped us in but once I opened my eyes to enjoy the ride, I loved it.

We stayed the night at a hotel then the next day we caught a few rides until we got rained out. And when it rains in the Midwest, it POURS! We were stuck in a gift store for about an hour (hence the crazy hat pics below) then we spent a few hours at the mall to let it pass and were able to come back and go to the water park. It was awesome! Overcast, but still warm enough to enjoy it. My favorite ride there was Eerie Falls.

I had to work a few nights each week so Vanessa and Ryan did a few things but yesterday I introduced her to the fine luxury of pedicures. She was really quiet and I was worried it freaked her out but she tells me she loved it. Then we did a little shopping, is that not a killer combination?
And what would a trip to Michigan be without a visit to the dog beach at Lake Michigan. We did that today and had perfect weather and so much fun! Vanessa and Ryan braved the cold and actually swam while I waded with the dogs. We took a nice walk then buried Ryan in the sand.
We have to take her back the airport tomorrow and we are sad to see her go but we sure had a great time and hope she did too! Love you Ness!


Leslie said...

That sounds like so much fun! Seriously, keep watching that airfare and tell me when you see something stellar, I would LOVE to come out.

Jason & Kelli West said...

It looks like you guys had a great time together! Nessa is sure fun to be with! That roller coaster sounded SWEET!! I absolutely love roller coasters! The beach looked fun too. I'm glad everything worked out and that you all had a great time! Jason and I need to save our pennies and make it out there!!!

The Lawrences said...

Looks like so much fun. I bet it's nice to experience other amusement parks out there besides good old "Lagoon". Haha.