Sunday, June 8, 2008

Not Again!

Ryan's little sister Vanessa arrived yesterday to spend a few weeks with us and after our long drive back from Detroit we just bummed around and watched movies. So it's like 11pm and we saw this crazy lightning storm all night. The lightning was flashing nonstop but it wasn't really raining or thundering much.
Anyway, a little while later someone pounds on our door. I am thinking to myself (actual word choice- sorry), "who the hell is pounding on my door at midnight?" So I wrangled the dogs away from the door as someone is still madly knocking and finally get there to open it. It's our old grouchy neighbor, the same one who came running down the street this past winter to educate Ryan on how to properly scrape a car off after a snowstorm. (side note- thanks sir, we moved from Utah, not Florida). So once I saw him I'm thinking, what could we have done wrong now. But he was checking on us to make sure we were okay. I thought he was crazy until I looked outside and saw all the tree limbs on the ground. It looked like a tornado had come through! I included some pictures from the houses on our street.

There is actually a house under that pine tree!

Oh and to explain the post title, 2 years ago when we were living in Milcreek we had a storm just like this but worse, seemed like a hurricaine and it did some major damage. The pictures below are of that storm. Huh, I didn't think about it till today but last week our insurance company sent us an update about our homeowners insurance now including tree damage and removal, that was convinient timing!


The Lawrences said...

WOW...i'm glad you guys made it through that okay. It looks like it did some pretty good damage. Is it getting warm there yet?

The Lawrences said...

p.s. I tagged you're going to love it!!!

Kit...Nat...Broox... said...

SCARY! I just read one of my friend's posts about the same storm I think. She lives in Michigan too. I'm glad you guys are okay!

Leslie said...

Crazy! Any damage to or around your house? I forgot about that storm here in Utah. When was that again?