Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Valley

So I just saw the documentary Happy Valley about the drug problem in Utah. I wasn't quite sure what to think before I saw the film but it actually was pretty good but very sad. I am certainly not new or nieive to the drug problem that haunts the entire country. I see too many people every day abuse the ER because they are addicted. That is probably the only reason I would ever burn out of nursing someday. It's so tiring and frustrating to see emergency rooms and medicine in general abused and taken advantage of. Not to say it's all the patient's fault, there are plenty of doctors who are too liberal with prescriptions. It's just a huge mess of a problem.

Anyway, enough rambling. One thing that did stick out to me in the movie was when they pointed out that there is a lot of judging that goes on in Utah (though it's certainly not limited to Utah). One man made the quote, "we need to start looking in the mirror and quit looking through the windows." I really liked that because I need to work on being more accepting and loving people for who they are and to look past their faults. We all have struggles, but I'm grateful for those because if handled properly than can be opportunities for enormous growth.

All right, I'm done now. Thanks for reading-if you actually made it this far :)

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