Saturday, April 5, 2008

Beautiful Michigan Morning

Finally! A sign of spring after a very long winter. I know it's tradition in Salt Lake to get rainy weather on conference weekend but that's not so here in Michigan! Finally a sunny day above 40 degrees! I couldn't sleep much last night so I got up early (5:30) and checked blogs till the sun came out. Then I couldn't stay inside any longer so I made an early trip to the grocery store. I was feeling so good I even took Ryan's 4Runner "Elias" (who has since returned from the car doctor) to the store. It's a clutch and he supplied me with a few lessons but I'm a big baby and only drove it twice in Utah when I worked nights at St Marks and that was out pure despiration- either walk or drive. I should add that those 5 minute drives were filled with fear and dread and included running as many lights as I could to avoid stopping and starting again :) But high five to me, I made it all the way to the grocery store (1 mile) and back without stalling once!

Anyway, we have been in Spring Cleaning fever and Ryan is attempting to grow grass in a few bare spots in the back yard. The first pic is of the baracade he rigged to keep the dogs out. The second pic is proof of how well it worked :)


The Lawrences said...

The only thing that sucks about working night shifts, is when you DON'T can't sleep!!! I did the same thing last night. I woke up at about 4:00 a.m. and just watched t.v. hoping to fall asleep. My plan didn't work, so here I am at work...without sleeping hardly AT ALL TODAY. Anyway, I usually don't feel like spring is official until conference weekend, so here we are.. BRING ON SPRING!!! Love ya girl.

M & M said...

such a cute page layout. where did you get it???