Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Warm Fuzzy...

We were at church today and the little boy from the family in front of us walked back to me and held his arms up so I picked him up. It was so dang cute cuz he just wanted to sit with us and Ryan drew some animals that he laughed at. He sat content with us half the meeting then got down, turned around and put his arms up to Ryan! So he and Ryan drew on the palm pilot for awhile.
Anyway, just one of those cute moments that makes you smile. That certainly made me think how fun it would be if he was our son but its gonna take a few more of those warm fuzzies to get me on the baby train :)

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Brett and Jessica said...

By the way, I love the blog and I love your children/dogs!!!
I am glad to see your doing well and surviving the Michigan winter!
Keep up the good blogging!
(Oh, by the way, our house is in Woods Cross, near Bountiful)

Have a good day!