Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter! Oh and don't worry, I know how awkward Ryan looks in that picture, at 6'6" it's his attempt to fit in the picture with me :) Aside from the squatting and missing Norris (who was too busy sleeping to make an appearance) I think its a pretty cute picture.

Holiday's have been different here because we're alone. It's been different to not attend family parties that I've attended the last 24 years and my heart is aching a little to be with my family and grandparents in Springville but we are here for a reason and our family will benefit greatly from our few years of sacrifice.

Speaking of sacrifice, I'm so very grateful for our Savior and his sacrifice so we can return to him someday not alone, but as a family. Have a wonderful Easter!


The Lawrences said...

It's a darling picture. You have such a cute family...even if you don't have human kids:) Haha...I love you Steph...can't wait to see you soon!!!

Chas and Ashly Johnson Family said...

Cute new picture. You are such a good blogger. It is hard for me to keep up!. Having baby is the hardest thing ever so just wait until you are totally ready. :) See you in a few weeks.

Karly said...

that is such a cute pic of you two! I miss you!
Are you coming home anytime soon? We must do lunch!