Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Please Drive Safe

I spend 4-5 nights a week at the hospital so naturally I come home with a lot of stories. This one just affected me a little stronger so I thought I would share. Just before my shift ended at 6:30am we got a call that a 16 year old traumatic full arrest (not breathing/no pulse) was coming in and had about 5 minutes to prepare. Turned out to be a car accident and we were getting the unrestrained passenger who's car ran a red light and was hit by another car. She was Asian so looked 16 but was actually about 30. Anyway, we worked on her for awhile but she was probably gone before she got to us. A few minutes after she came in her husband and parents were also brought in. They were okay but the doctor and nurse had to approach the husband to inform him of his wife's death. You can bet that when I crawled in bed that morning I gave Ryan an extra big hug and kiss.

I guess it just hit me that while we will never know, her young life may not have ended so soon if she had a seatbelt on. Just makes me want to be drive a little slower, be a more patient and kind driver, and definitely wear my seatbelt...everywhere! Hopefully if you're not already doing these things this sad story might give you a little kick in the butt like it did me! Be safe!


M & M said...

I couldn't agree more!! when my brother passed away in `95 he was wearing his seatbelt, but since it wasn't his fault (a drunk driver ran a red light going 75 mph and broadsided him) the insurance company gave my parents $25k. It helped out a lot with the funeral and such. I definitely feel it's selfish when you don't wear a seatbelt. not only do you hurt yourself, but you hurt everyone that knows you.

Jason, Elisa, & Connor said...

Things like this make you remember how each day really is important.