Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fun Tag

Thanks Nicole for the cute but somewhat challenging tag!
*I am...a nurse
*I think...too hard about everything
*I sweetie loves me
*I be out of debt
*I have...the two best dogs in the world
*I family
*I fear...losing my parents
*I feel...tired
*I hear...the hum of the fish tank behind me
*I smell...a cinnamon wallflower
*I crave...a trip to Brazil
*I cry...during songs that remind me of death
*I search...for cheap airfare
*I wonder...when is the right time to start having kids
*I regret...trying to grow up too quickly (age 17-20)
*I wish...we had the property for my own personal zoo
*I love...Ryan
*I care...about those with challanges
*I always...pick at my face
*I worry...about too many little things
*I am not...a decisive person
*I remember...all the fun trips I've taken
*I believe...that I will be with my family forever
*I church CD's like I'm in the choir
*I don't always...put my clothes away
*I argue...more than I need to
*I write...pretty much only blog posts these days
*I lose...important mail
*I too many whiny patients
*I don't understand...the "entitlement factor"
*I can usually be stalking
*I learn better self discipline habits
*I return phone calls
*I am be done with college!

Now I tag Leslie, Dad, Jessica, and Elisa


The Lawrences said...

Is WAS a hard tag huh? It took me like thirty minutes to come up with all the answers (thanks heavens for Kohen's naptime). Anyway, I loved reading all the fun facts about you!!!

Melisa said...

Even though it was hard, I'm glad you did it. It was fun to read!

Reid and Megan said...

Cute, those were good answers!

Nancy B. said...

I loved reading your answers. I feel like I know you a little bit better. Thanks again for the fun time in Michigan. I've been telling everyone about the beautiful beach on Lake Michigan - who would have thought!
Love, Mom/Nancy