Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Blog Help

Hey all you creative gals out there, I need some help. Maybe I am doing something wrong but when I try to add our family name at the top of my "welcome picture" it shifts that picture all the way to the left no matter which words I use. Anybody else have this problem?
P.S. Who's excited for another political debate tonight? j/k, ok maybe I am a little excited...


Mel. Mike. Chan. said...

ok... it probably has to do with the width of the photo width allowance (notice that the border is not next to the photo) under your HTML. this should be an easy fix. go into your EDIT HTML and find the section marked /* Outer-Wrapper. under that is should say #outer-wrapper and have a "width: ###px;"
change the width to a smaller size and click PREVIEW instead of SAVE to make sure it's changed to the width of your photo. once it is, then hit save.

this is how I always fix it, so if it's still giving you problems then I have no idea!! good luck.. I hope this makes sense.

Jason & Kelli West said...

I wish I could help ya, but I'm not sure! Sorry! BUT, I think there might be a little circle you click that lets you keep the title over the picture.