Saturday, September 27, 2008

Visit from the West's

We were lucky enough to have Ryan's parents, Robert and Nancy come visit us this week from a law conference in Chicago. They were good sports to occupy themselves for a few days while we were at work and school and also even better sports to put up with our dogs :)

We took them to the dog park...

Can you believe this is in the middle of Lansing?
Baby smiling
Norris choosing to ignore the camera

and the dog beach...

and the Henry Ford Museum in Detroit. Basically the story is that Henry Ford got ridiculed by the press so he went a little crazy but had more money than he knew what to do with. So he bought a bunch of historical artifacts and displays them at this museum. A lot of it is original automobiles and planes and we only saw 1/3 of what they keep on the property but it was pretty cool.
An original Hearse
This mini carriage was built for a famous midget couple (while not very politically correct, I'm using the word "midget" because thats what it said on the sign)
A giant snowplow used to clear train tracks in CanadaAn old billboard from Ford's early years
A 1952 Weiner mobile, need I say more?

Look Dad, model Hearses
The ultimate nurse/family car
A bicycle built for 9
Sweet car of the future, sign me up!

The seat where Rosa Park's refused to move from on the actual bus

Whew! Sorry for all the pictures but that's what I do :) We sure enjoyed having them stay and appreciate all they do for us. Love you Robert and Nancy!


Melisa said...

I love Lansing. Such beautiful parks.

That looks like a cool place to visit. Looks like a lot of hearses. :)

Reid and Megan said...

that uh, looks like an exciting museum steph. Life changing really.

Stephanie said...

uh ok meg, thanks I guess. Didn't say it was life changing but anyway...

Oh and about the hearses, my dad was in the funeral business so that is the connection :)

Leslie said...

Looks like fun Sis! That dog park looks awesome too. Man, I hope we can get out there someday soon to see you.

Nancy B. said...

Fun posting! We had a great time. Thanks for hosting us in the beautiful state of Michigan!
Love, Robert/Dad & Nancy/Mom

The Lawrences said...

I think it looks like a pretty cool museum. I like the nine person bicycle and the weiner mobile. Haha. It's neat to see how much things have changed!!!