Saturday, February 16, 2008

This one is for you Karly!

Ok ok I know its been a long time since a new post and I'm sorry for being such a boring blogger. This stuff is harder than I thought to figure out but I'm getting there. So anyway, sorry Miss Mellen :)
So for all you nurses out there, I need to share my difficult week at work. To make it brief, a few nights ago I had a 60ish year old patient with difficulty breathing. He had been there 5 hours when I got on shift and was okay but definitely needed to be admitted. So a few hours later just as we got a bed he took a bad turn (tachy, increased work of breathing, states "I'm getting tired" which is never a good sign). So I picked up the phone and called the admiting doctor and updated him and told him he needed to come see this patient now to which he replied "We are too busy up here with critical patients (on a medical floor?)." Anyway to wrap things up, he never came and when I got the patient to the floor he crumped and died a few hours later. I've had patients die before but this really haunted me because I tried to help and the doctor didn't listen. Not to say things would have worked out different if he did but you know...
I promise I will try to update more often, thanks for checking on us though! We love you guys!

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Karly said...

Thanks dude! I HATE when things like this happen. IT SUCKS when we are the patient advocate and they don't listen to us! WHAT THE CRAP IS THAT??? I am sorry this happened to you... it's never fun to know what you know and they don't listen. LOVE YOU!
I miss you!