Thursday, February 21, 2008

Poor 4Runner

We are sad to announce that Ryan's pride and joy whom he calls "Elias", his Toyota 4Runner that ran like a charm is now decommishioned. Last Sunday we were on our way to church (late) and drove seperate cuz Ryan stays after for meetings. Well we pulled out of our neighborhood and I got through the first stop light and he didn't. Well after standing in the church lobby for 15 mintues wondering where he was I decided I better drive the 15 minutes back home to make sure he hadn't been in an accident. Well...he had been :(
I came home and found him under the covers in bed still in his suit with the dogs asleep on the floor next to him. He told me he slipped on the slushy, icy roads and subsequently did a 360 then slammed into a telephone pole! He hit his head on the window and didn't have his seatbelt on (we know, we don't need more lectures) and looked kind of weird to me so off to the ER we went to make sure everything was still alligned. Thankfully it was and my staff was great to get us through quick. Unfortunatley the 4Runner isn't doing so well. We don't know all the damage yet but you can judge for yourself from the pictures. Notice the chunk of telephone pole in the bent tire!
So the moral of the story is...don't be late for church! Lol, you thought I was going to say wear your seatbelt or be careful on icy road huh?


The Bate Family said...

Hi Stephanie! Of course I remember who you are and I'm glad you commented on my blog! What a small world it is! You and Ryan look VERY happy! It sounds like you're enjoying life in Michigan. I'm so sorry about the accident! Good thing Ryan was okay... but poor 4-Runner is right. Keep in touch!

Natalie :)

melanee.michael.chanler said...

OH NO!!! atleast Ryan is ok. I feel bad for the telephone pole! ha ha : ) seriously though, that totally sucks.

for cute blog ideas check out as for the pictures at the top of your page, you need to be set up under a different layout to get them. go to the website above, it will tell you what to do, then talk to me once you have your new layout! of course call if you need help. my number is the same : )

melanee.michael.chanler said...

also, on the link to our page, I'm so sad you put Michael first : ( I thought we were closer than that!

Karly said...

SAD! Glad he's ok! Love your new look! Oh and BTW you are still tagged on my blog!