Thursday, December 27, 2012

Extra special Thanksgiving

So as the title suggests, this Thanksgiving was extra special for us mom and dad came to visit! They haven't been out in 4 years so it was great to have them! Some of the highlights from their trip include...

Home improvement projects by my dad and Ryan

Extra naps! Who doesn't love those?!

Several movies, shopping, football watching and good food. And that was all before Thanksgiving!

Come Thanksgiving my mom and I spent 8 hours cooking! I couldn't believe we would actually need that much time but sure enough, we did. It turned out great though!

It was a sweet memory to use my Grandma and Grandpa's dishes that my parents brought out. It was also nice to share our meal with our neighbor Tom. The meal turned out perfect and the company was superb!
I'm thankful for all the help I had to prepare the meal, even the ever so faithful clean up crew :)

 The day after the holiday my parents helped us put up our Christmas tree which was fun and appreciated.

Their trip went by quick but it was great to have them and we hope they come back soon!!!

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Rebecca said...

SO glad you had fun with them! Wish I could have met them though. Next time maybe our parents won't be here at the same time! :)