Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New York: Take 2

Since we enjoyed our first visit to New York to see the Merkley's in 2010 we decided to pay them another visit! We spent a long weekend with them this past October and had a great time (no surprise)! Bianca took us on a little city tour to the cool lookout.
That night we enjoyed some authentic NY pizza then were privileged to see Bianca in concert at a local cafe. I've always been a fan of her and her music so it was a treat to see it live!
 I always enjoy seeing the city at night (but not necessarily the night traffic where Joseph gets to show off his
  mad NYC driving skills).

The next day Ryan and I headed into the city to do some more exploring of our own. We got tickets to see the new World Trade Center site.
The memorial isn't quite finished yet but we still got to see the reflecting ponds with all the names of the victims etched in.
We also saw the progress on the new WTC buildings.
I really enjoyed learning about this tree (the center one in the picture with the railing around it).
It's called the Survivor Tree and is the only one that survived 9/11 and was nursed back to health then replanted in its rightful spot.

After the memorial we made our way uptown. Took a stroll past the beautiful Central Park.
Made a short visit to the Museum of Natural History.
Then met up with Joseph and Bianca again. Joseph's parents (Ryan's aunt and uncle) were also in town so we all had dinner together at The Meatball Shop. It was great!

After dinner we went to a World Series playoff game between our own Detroit Tigers vs the NY Yankees! The boys were stoked about this and us girls enjoyed it too (except the part where we got cussed at/heckled/had candy thrown at us)...Very cool to see Yankee Stadium though and even better to see the Tigers win!


The next day we enjoyed church together under the direction of Bishop Merkley himself then shared a yummy dinner with everyone. And what visit to the Merkley's would be complete without a game of Ticket to Ride :)

The next day we shared the train with Joseph for awhile until we said goodbye and headed to the airport.
Another awesome trip, thanks for the good times Joseph and Bianca!

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