Sunday, March 17, 2013

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 was a relaxed one at home for us this year. We were just fine with that!
While my parents were out for Thanksgiving, they helped us put up our tree. Went with the Utah theme this year and am pretty pleased with it :)

 We are so blessed and really don't need anything as far as gifts so we had a good time putting together gifts for an elementary school child in need, a soldier overseas, and our favorite missionary in Alabama.
Norris exhausted himself tearing through my wrapping paper and eventually Elder Allan's entire Christmas package...most of it was salvaged. Jack was just there for the show.

We of course had to get our annual picture with Santa with the babies!

 I had to work Christmas Eve so I had Ryan take this picture before he went to bed. The new snow and his excellent lighting set the perfect scene!

 Christmas Morning

Norris and Baby with their new beds (which we had to return because they weren't big enough) and Jack with a new toy

Later in the day we were all able to video chat with Tyler in Alabama. Thank goodness for technology! You can see we have 4 different homes across the country all logged in together to chat!

Before my parents left in November, we had them help us with our family Christmas picture. As you can see, it's usually a circus :)
 But eventually we get a winner :)
Merry Christmas from the West Family!

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Rebecca said...

I love the winter snow picture of your house! Lovely!!