Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We have a problem on our hands...

and his name is Jack. (don't be fooled by his seemingly innocent smile)
You see our sweet little kitty Jack is no longer so sweet. In an attempt to regain his manhood which we took away, he has gone rogue. He is now the neighborhood killer. First Ryan found a dead mouse ON our dining room table. Next it was a dying then dead squirrel on our dining room rug. And his latest prize was a screeching bird that like the rest of his creatures were brought in by him through the dog door...ughhhh. Thankfully we were able to save the bird but this is not good. I know this is what cats do but this is completely against my mantra, my desire to save every animal and give them good homes.
This is what I spotted a few weeks ago when I got out of the shower and glanced out the back window. Let me tell you, this squirrel was NOT happy about Jack invading his territory. There is a big hole in the trunk of this tree that one of the many squirrel families live it. A few weeks ago Jack had this lump on his back that got bigger and bigger till it burst. Turned out it was an abscess from a bite. I think I know who bit him...and he probably deserved it. Oh, what am I to do with him?

In happier news, we went with our neighbors and friends to the Conan O'Brien tour. He made a stop in East Lansing since MSU is his Alma mater (which I did not know). Here he is sporting his spartan shirt (sorry for the blurry pic, that's really him, I promise) And to everyone's surprise, half way through the show he brought out Kid Rock! (if you didn't know, Kid Rock is from Michigan)

And last in the catch up post...we made our 1st trip of the summer to the dog beach! We've been itching to go for a month but between schedules and the weather it didn't work out till now. The weather was really cool. It was warm but there was fog all over the beach. There were only a few people there when we arrived and there's nothing better than having the beach to yourselves! Baby is funny. She's our little swimmer but will only swim if you throw a stick out. Out she goes but she always drops it about half way back so this is Ryan retrieving her stick. We need to start bringing a bundle with us :)
Here is some video of that
You'll notice Norris doesn't go farther than a few inches into the water. Airedales are supposed to be swimmers but not Norris, he prefers the land.

Our attempt at a family picture. Unfortunately Norris refused to get off his beach blanket and be in it. I sure love these two! All tuckered out but looking forward to the next trip!


Anonymous said...

That is too funny about your kitty! Chris and I both laughed! It's the perfect picture!

Liz Borchardt said...

I loved the post. Those are such great pictures. I love the squirrel vs. Jack picture. I am glad you guys got a chance to get up to the beach. It looked like a great time!!

Jason & Kelli West said...

great picture Steph. I laughed, except for the part with the dead mouse on the table...eewwww. if only Jack could catch the mouse, but leave it outside. The video was so fun to see. glad you guys had a good time!`

Rebecca said...

Beach looks awesome! Glad you made it. I have no idea when we will! Got to get a ton of people together!

Jeremy said...

Cute about the puppies! CRAZY about Jack! I love that second picture of him in the tree, but I can't believe it. You do have a problem on your hands! Wish I could come out and really, I do :)

Account of the Condie Clan said...

I don't know much about cats, but it sounds like kitty is trying to give you presents in the only way he can. It just shows how muc he loves you! I certainly wouldn't appreciate them being left all over my house either, but at least you know he loves you!
Glad you made it to the beach with your dogs. Are there any beaches or parks close by that allow dogs?

Rylie said...

I totally LOVE the picture of your kitty!!! It looks like you guys are having a great summer! Isn't NY awesome?