Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday Girl

It's hard to believe but our little girl turned 3 on the 15th! We have always celebrated the dogs birthdays and this year was no exception. Last year we had planned to have a little dog party for her 3rd birthday but she has become a bit defensive over the last year so we figured we'd play it safe and let her have her party all to herself :)

Here is Baby patiently waiting for her cake while Norris appears mystified as to why we are keeping those cupcakes from him

Here is Baby giving me her sad face and drooling while Norris is just plain mad (hence the incessant barking at me)

We love you Baby!
She and Norris love the play balls you get from the grocery store so here is a little clip of them with what was supposed to be Baby's birthday'll see what I mean

We also spent our weekend beautifying the yard with flowers...lots of flowers! The weather was finally warm enough to safely plant. Now cross your fingers it stays warm!

I love how these giant planters turned out!

This fine looking grow box is all Ryan's if we can just keep the dogs, birds and squirrels out this year
Hope you're all having a Happy Spring!


Rebecca said...

Love the flowers! We need to do that soon. Happy Birthday Baby!

Chris & Jen Palmer said...

Wallie LOVES those balls too! I blew up my big workout ball, and he got SO EXCITED!! hahahah - he loves that thing... but better not pop it before I get to use it!

Happy birthday Baby!

Reid, Megan and Jackson said...

happy birthday to your kiddo!! :)

Leslie said...

Wow your yard looks great Sis! Kaitlyn sat with me watching the video and said "Stephy!", and loved watching the dogs. When it was over she said "watch doggies" :) Haven't showed Mckayla and Talm yet, but I'm sure they'll LOVE it!

Jason & Kelli West said...

Happy Birthday Baby! Loved the flower pots. I can't wait to be able to do some gardening in my own yard...when that time comes.

Rylie said...