Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mckayla's Visit

Our 10 year old niece Mckayla came to spend her spring break with us this past April. She saved up her money and flew here to Michigan all by herself!

 It was so fun to get to pick her up at the gate! She was dressed to the nines as usual and didn't seem the least bit nervous.

We stopped at Ikea for dinner and shopping and once we got home we introduced her to the fishy and furry members of our family.

The next day she and I enjoyed a girls day of pedicures and shopping. "This is the best day ever!" I believe I heard her say :)

The weather was pretty decent so we spent an afternoon at a local park and the MSU Butterfly House which was pretty cool.

She of course got plenty of cousin cuddle time :) Reagan is her one and only cousin on our side of the family and she has waited 9 long years for her!

We were excited to take her to MSU's Small Animal Day! There were of course plenty of darling baby animals to see along with activities like practicing roping and even milking a cow which Mckayla was quite excited to do!

This was followed up by a sushi lunch which Mckayla didn't eat too much of but had fun with the chopsticks :) She did however love the Insomnia Cookies that we got next. Go figure!

The next day we of course wore our matching outfits to church.
 Then sadly it was time to pack up, say good-bye and head back to the airport.
And as quickly as she arrived, off she went! We had a great time with her and can't wait till she can come back again! Love you Kayla!

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Leslie said...

aww! I loved it! And I KNOW she did too. Thanks for having her!