Thursday, May 22, 2014

6 months


Height: 26 inches (61%)
Weight: 15 lbs 8 oz (41%)
Head: 44.5 cm (93%)

Your 6 month outtakes :)
*Well in turning 6 months, you had another doctors appointment complete with shots :( I can see the stranger anxiety setting in as you weren't too happy with the new nurse practitioner you saw. You also had a rough few nights after your shots. Sorry love but we have to keep you healthy!
*You have started playing with my hair while we nurse :)
*We bought a pretty rug for your nursery and have been helping you do lots of play time. You have lots of toys that you love but lately you are really enjoying your giraffes, baby Airedale, and your "butterfly guy" who is always your go to toy :)
Play time can be so tiring :)
 *I've learned that dangly earrings are out as you love to pull on them!
*Mommy has fallen victim to the latest fad...selfies! But look at you, I can't help it.
*On April 27th you tried cereal for the first time! You did great and while you had a messy face, you seemed to love the cereal and even wanted to help us with the spoon. It was actually kind of emotional for me because as our little baby you've always just needed milk and now we are actually feeding you!
*I celebrated my first official Mother's Day thanks to you my darling. I can't begin to tell you how much I love you!
*Speaking of Mother's Day...we got to video chat with Aunt Vanessa on her mission in Uruguay
*On May 18th you tried your first vegetable. Carrots per your dad's request. You seemed to love them and insisted on helping feed yourself which led to a mess! Cutest mess I've ever seen though :)
*You are still laughing at the dogs and kitty and love to watch the fish
*You are doing this silly thing where you suck on mommy's chin and lick my nose if you get close enough.
*We took you out for your first hotel stay and swimming experience.
You were a bit indifferent about the pool, we think you thought it was a big bathtub but you sure looked darling in your swimsuit!
After our hotel stay, we took you back to the temple with us. Daddy thought you should go in your temple whites even though everyone kept asking us if you were being sealed that day :)
*You got to come with mom and daddy to a state wide leadership meeting where Elder Jeffrey R. Holland spoke!

Here are some random pictures during your 6th month.
We like to think you are practicing your imaginary piano :)

Dear Sweet Reagan,
  How did we ever get so lucky to be blessed with you as our daughter?! Daddy and I ask ourselves that question every day. We love you so very much and are so happy that you are ours! Everyone always comments on how beautiful you are, your pretty eyes, how alert and content you are, your adorable smile and how lucky we are. We agree! Please stay sweet and little and cuddly forever!
Your mom and dad

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Jason & Kelli West said...

Oh, I LOVE all of the pictures. She is so sweet and always SO happy. I miss her and can't wait until I can hold her again!!! Thank you for the pictures and updates!