Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 37-39

Week 37

This week started with my friends at work spoiling me with a yummy midnight potluck complete with cake and streamers :) I really do work with some awesome people!
Then later in the week I was blessed to have another baby shower. This one from friends in our ward. It was special too as our ward was just split to form a brand new one and we are part of the new one.
Grateful for good friends!
This week also included the dreaded leg swelling of pregnancy! Weird though, only my right ankle would swell. But swell it would! I took a picture but then after looking at it decided it's not the sharing type :)
Week 38
This week started our first week of "lasts." We have been blessed to work in the Detroit Temple for the last 2.5 years and this week was our last shift with our dear friends. Such a bittersweet ending to a WONDERFUL opportunity!
We also went on our "last date" as a couple. Crazy that we will be "West, party of 3" next time :)
Week 39
Here we are in week 39 and I can barely believe it! We continued our week of "lasts" including last week at church as a couple and my last shift at work (the picture is for my sister who asked for a pregnant scrub pic).

 I've wondered if the baby was trying her best to turn this week as I had extra movement. But bless her heart, she appears to be stuck!
 This pregnancy has gone by quickly and I've been blessed with a pretty easy one in my opinion for which I am very grateful. It's surreal to me to be sitting here typing my final update knowing we are literally hours away from holding our little girl!

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