Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 33-36

Hard to believe this pregnancy is almost done, time to catch up!

Week 33
This week started our 50 day countdown to the due date. To celebrate I put a little book together for Ryan that is called "50 Rules for Dads of Daughters." You can find the list online, I put it into a photo book and added 1 per day.
This week we also started our birth classes which made things a lot more real!
Week 34
(Sorry, no picture this week)
 Had another appointment this week, the doctor snuck us into ultrasound to confirm that yes, she was STILL breech. Also attended our 2nd birth class.
Week 35
(Ignore all the clutter in the nursery, I haven't had room for everything!)
Not much new this week other than agonizing over the decision of whether to manually turn the baby to get her head down for delivery. Attended our last birth class.
Week 36
Very looked forward to appointment this week with my doctor to discuss our birth options. Like I said, we had been wrestling with this issue for weeks of whether to have a version procedure done or not and it helped to talk to my doctor and have her tell us that I was not a good candidate for several reasons and that she would recommend a C-section instead. And that coming from a very pro vaginal birth physician. I certainly don't want a C-section but want to do what is best for the baby so I'm glad she helped us feel good about a decision. We were very nervous/uncomfortable with the risks of the version procedure anyway. As Ryan so well phrased it, "it's an unnatural way to a natural birth."
I know lots of people have been asking about nursery pictures. I promise I will post them as soon as I can! I really want to have everything put away and looking perfect before I post them :) Thanks for checking in!


Becky said...

How can a person look so good while pregnant?! I love the picture with the striped shirt. When I was pregnant with my first twins, some one took a picture of me in my plaid night gown. It looked like a topographical map painted on my stomach.

Rebecca said...

You are so cute! Look at the sweet bump sticking out! You didn't gain weight did you.:)
Thanks for posting for me!