Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

I know, I know, it's January and it's taking me forever to catch up my blogging. I'm trying! Before I cover Thanksgiving I have to pay tribute to our Utes. Earlier in November the Utes came out to play Notre Dame in football. Ryan's dad came out for a visit and joined us for the game. I commend him for being on his best cougar behavior :) The day didn't turn out like we were hoping...the weather was awful, drizzly rain and cold the whole time, the fans were annoying and relentless, and the Utes played like crap and deserved to lose but I'm still glad we went down to support them. (Thankfully we were able to remind the Notre Dame fans that our dear Michigan State Spartans took care of them earlier in the season).

Now on to Thanksgiving. We went home for the holiday this year and enjoyed more time with the fam. There were several birthdays to celebrate while we were there. Including...
Mr A



and my dear sister Leslie

It's always great to catch up with our family and spend time together.

Tyler took us indoor rock climbing which was so fun!

I especially enjoyed the many faces of Katie :) I melted every time she said "I love you I do!"

Ever since my sister's Ironman race this last summer I've been more motivated to learn to run and actually not hate it. She got me started on a "couch potato to 5K" program and then ran with me in my first race Thanksgiving morning. It was a 4 mile race in Orem. It was unbelievably cold when we all went outside to start and I was pretty worried about how cold we were but once we got started it was fine. My sister was so good to stay with me at my pace even though she could have finished way faster. I was worried I wouldn't be ready for it but I felt great and even finished before my goal! Thanks sis, you are one awesome coach! And thanks Ry for your role as photographer/cheerleader/babysitter!

It's official, I finished my first race!

Kids races

After the race we went back to Ryan's parents home for their family Thanksgiving. Of course Nancy prepared beautifully and it was lovely meal. After eating, C provided the entertainment with sharing some of his school work which was mighty impressive!

We spent the evening with my family and had yet another yummy meal and enjoyed some good family time.

While we were home we made our stops to bring our Grandmas and Ryan's Grandpa some early Christmas cheer with these cute trees and santa. Don't you love them?! I actually wanted to take them home myself...

Once again, another great trip home. Of course I wish we lived closer to spend time together more than 2-3 times per year but thank you guys for always making time for us when we do make it back! We love you! (oh and friends, sorry we didn't have time to get together this trip, let's try this summer!)


Leslie said...

Great pics. Love the face shot of Katie! I'm probably going to have to steal that come April, so cute! Always glad to have you guys when you're here!

Jason & Kelli West said...

what a great post! Awesome job on the race by the way! Love all the pictures, and love the fact that you left beautiful christmas presents on all of the grandparents graves. Love you Steph and cant wait to see you brazil pics {hint, hint} ;)!!