Saturday, January 15, 2011

Christmas 2010

Can you believe it, 2 posts in 2 days!! That means we're getting closer to a Brazil post that's gonna take me forever...don't worry, I want it done as bad as you do :)

Okay, okay, so our Christmas season this year was pretty casual and I liked it that way. I didn't drag every decoration box out of the attic (to Ryan's delight), we only did stockings for each other instead of gifts, and actually got to spend it in our home. Most of this was because of our upcoming trip. Anyway, I went with a green and silver theme this year.Two observations you may notice about the tree, 1st: a certain small cat underneath it who decided that would be his escape from Baby and 2nd: no ornaments on the bottom which I'm sure you can figure out why :)

We did attend the ward party and my work Christmas party which is an occasion to dress up and enjoy good food with friends. Can't beat that right?

I had to work Christmas Eve night but that was okay cuz then I went home and got Ryan up, we did our Christmas morning together, enjoyed breakfast, then went back to bed. I LOVE Christmas morning ambiance!

Gifts from our wonderful families!
Santa comes to our babies too!

Post present bliss: toys shredded, chewing on bones on new dog beds

Thanks to everyone who sent Christmas cards, it made my day each time I opened one and placed it on our dining room door. Despite the challenging year we had we continue to feel blessed to have such caring friends and family, good health, a job, a warm home, each other, and more than anything the Gospel. Hope you all had a great holiday!


Jenny said...

Hey! Your stockings are adorable!! We have the same kind... obviously a little different but the bear kind! Did someone make them for you? My mom used to make them and I just LOVE them!

Leslie said...

Love the Christmas ambiance picture, looks very cozy and I love that your guys do a fire!

Jason, Elisa, Connor and Megan said...

Looks like a great Christmas! I didn't know you went to Brazil. How fun. I am exctied to hear about it.

Rebecca said...

Love the low key Christmas and your Christmas morning picture! Beautiful with the fire and stuff!

Liz Borchardt said...

I love 2 posts in 2 days! I love seeing all the pictures and agree with everyone else that I can't wait to see Brazil! Ryan said he was having a tough time adjusting to winter again!