Wednesday, April 23, 2014

5 Months


 Weight: 14 lbs (estimated since her weigh in was a week early)
Height: tall like her daddy
Head: big and round like her mommy :)

*You love the "5 little ducks" and "ABC" songs
*We got you a fancy activity jumper toy with lots of things to look at but you're still a little small for it
*You've started noticing the dogs and kitty and smile and laugh at them. You've even started petting them!
*We've finally been able to take rides in your stroller outside!
*You've done it since your born but you love to lay in our arms with your head arched way back you crazy girl :)
*You've started grabbing your toes
 *You are showing interest in eating and try to grab anything we are drinking
*You attended your first Stake Conference and got to hear your daddy speak
*We still make you do your allotted tummy time since you've decided not to roll over anymore. I guess "one and done" is your motto with that milestone :)


*We celebrated your first Easter
*You've officially moved up to 6 month clothes but even your dresses are short on you!

Last but not least...the outtakes :)

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