Friday, January 24, 2014

Reagan's Blessing

We blessed our sweet baby Reagan in my parent's ward (Mountain Shadows 4th Ward) on
December 1, 2013. 
I was blessed in my grandparents ward in Springville and I always dreamed of blessing my first baby there as well but unfortunately both grandparents have passed away so it seemed fitting to bless Reagan in her grandparents ward. 
She was blessed by her Daddy and had both Grandpas, Uncle Tyler, Uncle Jeremy, Uncle Fritz, Uncle Jason, Great Uncle Mark, Bishop Benson and President Perkins joining him.
Reagan, your blessing was short and sweet and you only cried a little. Your dad blessed you that your body and mind would be healthy and grow and develop normally. That as the oldest you would be a good example to your younger siblings. And that you will reach out in love and service to those in need.

Getting this girl ready was no easy task!

Step 1: wake the sleeping baby (every bone in my body said not to and she seemed to agree)
Step 2: the onesie
Step 3: put on the much too large tights and shoes (she was thrilled)
Step 4: the slip (which apparently was pretty awful)
Step 5: the dress
Step 6: fluff and buff
The finished product!

We felt very blessed and grateful to have so many loving family members there for Reagan's special day!


Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins

 After the blessing we had a brunch back at Grammy and Grandpa's house.

 It was a great day and we are glad we could share it with our family! 
A few "outtakes" from the day include Reagan pooping through her dress (thankfully after the blessing and luncheon) and the drama surrounding Ryan's tie. Long story short, I asked him to bring his pink tie from our wedding. When we got to Utah he noticed it was stained so he took it to the dry cleaners. Well after 2 cleanings it looked worse and faded. I was not happy! He had brought a backup tie so he wore that but we figured out after the blessing that the original tie wasn't even our wedding tie! It was still in the closet at home :)

A few weeks after her blessing we took Reagan to have some professional pictures done in her dress.

So proud to be her mommy!


Rebecca said...

Love her dress! And we always went to that portrait place too, it was pretty good.

Nancy B. said...

I love the step by step, moment by moment blessing dress photos! We love her (and her parents . . . and yes, Norris, Baby, Jack and the fish ;)