Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Weeks 25-28

It's hard to believe that this is the last of the 2nd trimester posts! Time is going fast!
Week 25
Our big event this week was to make our Ikea trip for the nursery. We found most everything we were looking for and came home with a full car load!

Week 26
Had an appointment with a new doctor today. He was very nice and laid back. Did the first belly measurement which I think he said was 25-26cm so right on. We also had a repeat ultrasound this week to double check the placenta and umbilical cord. So fun to see our little girl and even got a few decent pictures!
 Love that we caught her yawning in this one :)
I started feeling bigger rolling movements this week. She stays pretty active, especially while I'm at work.
The other big news for this week was the nursery undertaking! We'd been looking forward to this and I took an extra day off of work for a long weekend. It was lots of work but came together great! More pictures to come when we get it all put together.

Week 27
(Forgot to take pictures this week so instead how about some before and after pictures of the not yet complete nursery)

Took my glucose tolerance test this week. I didn't find the sugary drink bad at all! Thankfully the results came back within range at 131 so we passed :)

Week 28
Met with our regular doctor this week who gave us good news about the placenta. It came up 5cm above the cervix so it should be safe which is a relief! We laughed when the baby kicked her Doppler during a heart rate check :)
I'm pretty sure I felt my first Braxton Hicks Contractions this week which was strange but pretty normal I hear.
Well guess that's it for now. Thanks for checking in on our progress!






Blatter said...

I LOVE the nursery pictures!!!!!! Love the white wood paneling!!!!!!! It looks so nice! You have great taste! ;)

I love the belly pictures!

Liz Borchardt said...

The nursery is looking great! I love the picture of her yawning!! I can't wait to meet her! Btw, I need to have Ryan come and help me with my crown molding...he can sure reach those high places ;)

Leslie said...

Nursery looks great! As do you of course :) And I love that yawning pic!

Jenna Silotti said...

You are beautiful!!! THe nursery is super cute too!!