Friday, October 7, 2011

*In memory of Grandma Lois and in honor of Grandpa Ron*

So recently my friend Rebecca and I ran the Parkinson's 5k which raised money for the local Parkinson's foundation here in Michigan.
I wanted to get another race in this year as did Rebecca and it was for a good cause so double whammy! Parkinson's is unfortunately close to my ♥ as my Grandma Lois had the disease and my Grandpa Ron does as well.

Unfortunately race morning was FREEZING! We're talking 40 degrees with wind...on October 1st! But we did well and finished. 30:31 wasn't my best time which I was a little bummed about but oh well, motivation for next time!
Plus, who doesn't love a "free" t-shirt?! (especially when it has your loved ones names on it)

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Rebecca said...

Thanks for asking me! Man I look awful in that picture, but you loo good as always:) ugh!